It’s not like I’m about to compete on next season of Iron Chef or anything, but every now and then I find myself about to embark on an episode of “Dad’s Amazing Omelets” and have to wrestle with the indoor grill, more commonly known as the kitchen stove.  It’s been my experience that every gas stove starts pretty much the same way: crank the knob until you hear the ignition clicking, wait for the flame, then you lower the flame to the desired height vis-a-vis the pot or pan that rests upon it.  The problem is you never really know if the flame is at the right height (or if it even came on at all,) until you stick your face down to see under the pot. Of course, geniuses like me usually place the pot on the stove, hold our faces right up

Ideas can come at any time, though so many seem to strike in the loo. And so was the case when I was brushing my teeth the other day. Maybe you’ve seen ads for the Dollar Shave (commentary: they’re funny). Shave Club is a subscription-based business in which you sign up to have razors mailed to you on a regular basis. I think it’s a monthly subscription, though I’m guessing they offer a Wolfman package for guys who have a 5 o’clock shadow by noon.

So as I was running my toothbrush under the

 The problem: the day-to-day pressure of daily life as a responsible adult

The big idea: Summer camp for college alums

Who didn’t love college? Almost no one, according to the six people I asked.  Keg parties, fraternities, eating pizza from under your bed for breakfast, classes maybe four days a week.  No one cared that you left your clothes all over the floor and blasted Springsteen at 3 am. Your biggest problem was having to rise by noon on a Thursday so you’d have time to plagiarize your

 Although it may seem that 3D printers have just recently burst on the scene, they’ve actually been around for a couple of decades.  The thing that’s changed is that the technology is getting a lot cheaper.  For just a few hundred bucks people can turn an image on their  computer screen into a real object they can hold in their hands.  Pretty neat!

(Side note: Looking for a really cool 3D printer kit to assemble with your son or daughter for the holidays? I might have just the ticket for

 More eclectic ideas submitted for your consideration…

A public holiday where everyone must remain in bed all day.

Contact lenses that work as sunglasses.

A bus company that charges Pi for all tickets: meaning, exact fare only.

Kidnap prominent Youtube 'flat earthers,' and send them into space. Broadcast their reactions live to the world. should save the Amazon rainforest by purchasing it entirely.

Build Trump's Wall, with only one automatic door on the entire border, and have

 Unlike my sidekicks who contribute to this column (hey you out there in idea land, you’re invited, too!) I don’t get inspired and come up with my own original ideas all that often.  But I can give a shout out to a decent idea that should be stolen, er, realized and taken to market. 

Long ago, far away, I asked a young lady if she had any ideas.   She batted her eyelashes at me.  Which gave me the wrong idea.  But she put the brakes on that.  And that’s an appropriate metaphor because brakes

 The problem: clogged shower drains

The big idea: garbage disposal for the shower

I’m as bald as Yul Brynner’s newborn baby. My brow gleams like new fallen snow on a church lawn.  I know that can be seen as a flaw to the unenlightened, but I consider it a genetic blessing. Not only do I never experience a bad hair day, but I am never the source of the pile up of nastiness encasing the shower drain on a daily basis. On the other hand, she who must be obeyed (as well as our two teenaged

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