The New York World’s Fair in 1964 and 1965 was a big deal. It was so great everybody wanted to see the next one, which was called Expo 67 in Montreal. That one must’ve been a dud because nobody can name another that came after. We’ve even had them in the United States. Knoxville kinda rings a bell but don’t try telling me you remember New Orleans or, yikes, the San Antonio version. San Antonio, a world’s fair? Who knew?

Right before New York, Seattle had a World’s Fair. Seattle wasn’t a great metropolis but it was a big enough deal to inspire an Elvis movie, It Happened at the World’s Fair.

Maybe Epcot and Disney World and places like that ruined World Fairs, I don’t know.  The amusement parks have certainly pushed World Fairs to the far

The son who will remain nameless returned home, his first year in college complete. He spent the first semester in Ireland where the Crack was grand. It’s actually spelled –Craic – but is said the same way as crack so it can be a little jarring to hear about all the craic your son had. He’d lost a bit of weight in Ireland which confused me even more about this craic stuff. Craic sounded like crack and with him looking like a leprechaun skeleton, it looked like crack to me.  But as usual, I was

Quick quiz: what makes you bored?  I’ll zap you with an electric shock if you try saying this column. More on zapping in a moment.

Studies show that your mind basically makes a cost-benefit analysis when your mind starts wandering.  You’re bored when you know you could be or should be doing something more worthwhile.  What’s the cost and what’s the benefit of the situation?

The cost-benefit stuff happens to be a pretty good defense for every high school student who does poorly in class.  If

You know what I got?  I got ungatz. I’m a mush.

I bought a bunch of raffle tickets at the Greybeards Dinner Dance in January and all my purchases became pure donations. I rolled that lack of good fortune into three different Super Bowl boxes and didn’t come close.  And then…

Well, first let me explain mush. I’m pretty sure mush is familiar to anyone who’s taken a bus to Atlantic City with a roll of quarters or who’ve lost their rent gambling. But for those who’ve been wise and/or stingy

As someone who battles with maturity (I never tire of colonoscopy jokes and anything related) I’m not an authority on what makes a grown-up.  But the beauty of being a columnist is you get to spout on about things you have no clue about. It’s kind of like being president. Hey, take it easy, I didn’t say which president.

Being mature doesn’t necessarily mean giving up things.  Giving up on staying out to the wee hours isn’t a sign of maturity. It just means your body is now telling you to cut

Do high school kids have rivalries anymore?  I don’t know any high school kids so I can’t ask. They must still have them out in the Midwest, where things are more likely to be frozen in time. Friday Night Lights, Hoosiers, that kind of stuff.  And it seems college rivalries still exist but high school craziness seems like a relic of yesteryear. Maybe because so many schools have closed. There were so many kids in the old days, neighborhoods would be sprinkled with kids from different schools

For all the behavioral scientists and neuroscientists among my readers (yea, they number in the thousands, believe me) you’re free to start tracking my brain’s deterioration.  I have no clue what I wrote last week or the week before or the year before. 

For the rest of you, don’t worry if my stuff sounds vaguely familiar – nobody’s ever accused me of original thought.  Anyway, I had an unoriginal idea for a column this week and then couldn’t decide if I’d done it before.  Which got me to

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