Advocate Praise Plus


Dear Editor:

Seldom does someone devote more than twenty years of their lives to advocate for a project that would immeasurably improve the lives of their neighbors.  We are fortunate in Rockaway to have such a person-Joe Hartigan.  No one has devoted more time and effort in getting ferry service from Rockaway to Manhattan than Joe. He has gone to countless meetings in the tri-state area to meet with ferry operators, developers, politicians, boat makers, finance people, and city officials to educate our community about the viability of ferry service.  No meeting was too long, no location too far away, no meeting too boring or politician too inaccessible that Joe didn't pursue.  There are some who will think "Well, he's retired, he has the time." There are plenty of retired people in Rockaway who do nothing to enhance the neighborhood.  Some don't even shovel their walks, pick up after their dogs, or sweep their sidewalks, much less attend a meeting.

So, in addition to all the ideas Joe has outlined in this paper, may I add one more?  The pedestrian sidewalk on the west side of Beach 108th Street, outside the PSEG site needs to be replaced. Right now, it looks like an earthquake hit it and the sidewalk is almost impassable.

And for all of us in Rockaway who will be using the ferry this summer-thanks Joe.


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