Prior to Hurricane Sandy, the beach blocks from Beach 108th to Beach 126th had gardens. Now that the boardwalk is back, the Rockaway Civic Association is aiming to bring back the gardens to complement the boardwalk.

The RCA has been working with the Parks Department on an agreement that provides Rockaway Civic with the administration of the design, implementation and maintenance of the landside beach gardens. 

Preliminary plantings of assorted beach grasses and shrubs have already been installed by EDC. In reviewing the plantings, Rockaway Civic realized that the beach gardens need more to bring the spaces back to their former glory.  The group wishes to transplant or integrate existing plantings to fit within their new landscape design or within additional spaces adjacent to the boardwalk.

Rockaway Civic is seeking support in the form of stewards, donors, membership and fundraising.  Stewards: will be involved in all phases of the gardens.  Donors: choose a specific block for your donation or general donation to the beach garden project.  Membership: Rockaway Civic will commit a percentage of each new membership to the return of beach gardens. Fundraising: they are planning some events and hope that when they take place you come out and support the gardens through these events.

Those looking to help can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or see for more info.

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