The Mahon Estate on West 12th Road has been a bee-hive of activity over the past week, as our two daughters, Amy and Victoria, were busy getting ready to spread their wings and leave the nest. Although the girls are "Irish Twins," having been born less than a year apart, that is where the similarities end. Like the identical cousins Kathy and Patty from the 1960's Patty Duke Show, they are "a pair of matching bookends, different as night and day." 

Vicky, our youngest at 20, is a longtime, staunch, vegetarian who yearns to be a vegan but finds it impossible to completely remove eggs and cheese from her diet. Amy, our oldest at 21, is an avid carnivore who would have no problem raising cattle, chickens and pigs out on the back deck just to

Despite the fact that many consider me to be the epitome of an individual with absolutely too much time on his hands, my proclivity for somber reflection on the absurdities of life often reaps its own rewards. For instance, sitting thoughtfully by my kitchen window during our recent snowstorm, I could not help but wonder why parking meters always stay in effect when alternate side regulations are suspended for snow removal. Like many of us, the first thought that crossed my suspicious mind was

Don't forget to stop by the Broad Channel VFW this Sunday afternoon to enjoy a Super Bowl 51 Tailgate Party extravaganza with your friends and neighbors! The Broad Channel VFW doors will open at 12 noon, when you can come on in and enjoy the pre-game afternoon hours with upwards of a thousand of your friends and neighbors comfortably seated in the lushly padded theater seats available in the Post Media Room, while partaking of a sumptuous repast, accompanied by a wide-ranging selection of

It is sometimes said that if it weren’t for bad luck, there would be no luck at all.  After this past holiday season, I am starting to think that there might be something to that old adage after all!

During the wee hours of Saturday, December 24 (Christmas Eve), my wife, Grace (aka: "she who must be obeyed"), stumbled and fell onto the hard stone tiles on our brand new kitchen floor, injuring her shoulder. Worried that she may have sustained a fracture or dislocation and hoping to avoid

Valentine's Day, an annual holiday celebrated on February 14, originated as a Western Christian liturgical feast day honoring one or more early martyred saints named Valentinus, and is recognized as a significant cultural and commercial celebration in many regions around the world, although it is not a public holiday in any country. Now we Catholics are a strange bunch and have a thing for martyred saints. Growing up in Woodside in the late 50's I attended St. Sebastian Grammar School where the

Super Bowl Sunday has become an unofficial national holiday.  Everybody can celebrate no matter what your religion – or even if you don’t like football!  The Super Bowl is an event unlike any other, as people gather throughout the country and make the game one of the most watched TV events of all time, every year.  Yes, we Americans take our annual Super Bowl games very seriously – perhaps a little too seriously.

Case in point – many of you have probably never made the connection, but the term

The Broad Channel Tidal Flooding Mitigation and Street Reconstruction Project currently underway on West 11th and 12th Roads has been a long time coming.  Many people are under the impression that this project is a direct result of Super Storm Sandy's impact on our town back in 2012 but, in fact, this project actually stems from a decades long battle on the part of the community and involved city agencies. 

The community of Broad Channel has long suffered from deteriorating street

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