Piqued on Politics

Between The Bridges

The combination of constant news, social media and an unfiltered fire hose of opinion has created a tsunami of political news, comment, and often times downright fiction that can best be described as overwhelming - especially to many of us who are already beset upon at all times by our own personal problems and struggles. This almost pandemic infection of rancid political diatribes on the part of our nation’s self-perceived aristocracy who seriously believe they are eminently more qualified and knowledgeable in all things than the rest of us hoi polloi who (at least in their minds) exist simply to take up space and resources. This has, over time, served to taint the places and spaces that used to provide or respite from the drudgery of the daily grind — sporting events, movies, television shows, entertainers, and simple neighborly conversation — are instead becoming part of the ongoing and seemingly never-ending political conversation of revisionist history.

Recently it has become commonplace for our progressive political gentry to refer to our nation’s founding fathers as nothing more than a bunch of racist, sexist and misogynist old white men. The Declaration of Independence as a flawed and systemically racist document and our National Anthem as an insidious government scam to get our boys and girls to go overseas and kill people. Our universities are actually attended and administered by individuals who think the First Amendment to the Bill of Rights should be revised to allow for a restriction of "freedom of speech" where such speech might make an individual uncomfortable. Our police have been the subject of a continual stream of invective in an attempt to inculcate a society-wide characterization of them as nothing more than a group of racist assassins.

The sitting President of the United States is continually referred to as a "racist plantation owner," a misogynist, a pedophile, a sexual predator, a clown, a sociopath, a Neanderthal, the "Homer Simpson" of Presidents, scary, crazy, the "Bum in Chief," a Nazi, a batsh*t crazy fascist, mentally incompetent, etc. Social media is also a conduit for calls for the President's assassination.

Recently, yet another political infected abscess has erupted on the skin of our nation as we now all have to deal with the “take a knee” syndrome that’s infested professional sports, the last bastion of apolitical entertainment. Now if you want to play a football game, strict adherence to the politically correct code of social justice requires you to kneel while the national anthem is played because if you simply stand respectfully, hand over heart, you will have identified yourself as a racist. Of course, back in 2011 when Denver Broncos quarterback, Tim Tebow, took to a knee mid-field in silent prayer, and not during the anthem, he was assailed by the press as a polarizing figure, criticized by commentators for his overt display of faith and mocked by his fellow players. Go figure. Sadly, any pretense on the part of the ever-bellicose progressive elite of having enough curiosity to actually engage in meaningful discourse or even to simply listen to opposing points of view has long since left the station.

There are times I admit when I begin to think that all is lost because as I grow older, I am increasingly aware of my own mortality and thus able to contemplate the futility of everything, thus causing me to despair against any struggle or rage at the dying of the light. Yet, every so often, someone comes along and restores my tenuous faith that, like all other things in life, this too shall pass. Recently during a conversation with a friend of mine, who is almost rabidly progressive (she thinks de Blasio is too conservative), our political discussion became heated and I attempted to shift gears to a less volatile subject. We were watching a rerun of the TV show "Breaking the Magicians Code" and I asked who was her favorite magician. Without missing a beat this otherwise supposedly educated individual turned to me and, replied, "That's an easy one, Amelia Earhart, you know the woman who makes the plane disappear."  Initially I thought she was joking around and I replied in turn, "Now that's some real revisionist history."  She looked at me with dead serious eyes and stated, "You have a problem with female magicians, are you sexist?"

Broad Channel, why would anyone want to live anywhere else?

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