Thursday is My Favorite Day of The Week!

Between The Bridges

This Saturday, October 14, the guys and gals up at the Broad Channel VFW will be holding their annual Penny Social at the American Legion Hall in Broad Channel located at 209 Cross Bay Boulevard. Everyone is invited! Admission is $10 with doors opening at 6 p.m. There will be early bird specials, a door prize, a 50/50 and raffles. This year, raffle calling will kick off at 8:30 p.m. in order to give everyone ample time to partake of the early bird specials, view the raffle prizes and obtain their tickets. 

There are some great raffle prizes, which will surely pique your interest, such as several brand new bicycles, luggage sets, deck furniture, tickets to attend live network morning shows such as The View and Live with Kelly and Ryan, Christmas decorations, toys, kitchen tools, fishing equipment, a myriad of tchotchkes, gift baskets galore and much, much more! Refreshments will be provided and as always, all proceeds of this event will go towards the Broad Channel VFW Post’s annual Thanksgiving Dinner and other programs and activities for the disabled veterans residing at St. Albans Hospital. Everyone is welcome so stop by Saturday evening for a few hours with your family, friends and neighbors. You are guaranteed to have a good time. Refreshments will be served.

Thursday is my favorite day of the week! There, I've said it and it is now on the record. Why you might ask? Because Thursday is the day the weekly edition of The Rockaway Times (RT) is loosed upon the world for all to enjoy, ready or not! I obtain my copy of the weekly paper each week via email subscription and armed with a fresh pot of steaming coffee liberally laced with my favorite french vanilla creamer in sufficient amounts to threaten a diabetic coma, and spend the next hour (or two) feasting upon the cornucopia of information contained therein.

The first article I read is my own "Between the Bridges" column. This has nothing to do with ego, it is simply to make sure I actually remembered to write and submit a column for inclusion in that week's paper. Sadly, on more than one occasion I have attempted to reach out to complain to our publisher that he forgot to include my piece in the weekly edition only to find out that week's column still sits safely in my computer email box as an unsent draft.

The next stop on my RT Thursday morning reading express is the publisher's wildly eclectic Boyleing Points column. Despite having to deal with some serious angst coping with story length, copy space and deadlines, he still manages to produce this weekly column that is not unlike a mini-skirt.... long enough to cover everything but short enough to make it interesting.

The next two columns I grab are "Be Well, Be Happy" by Helen Kilgallen and "Ask the Doc" by Peter Galvin M.D. I can't shake the picture in my mind of Ms. Kilgallen bowing to Dr. Galvin with hands pressed together, palms touching and fingers pointing upwards, stating "Namaste," while the Doc is holding his stethoscope to her back asking Helen to cough! The combination of meditative yoga and medical science on the part of these two individuals always remind me of the old cartoon "Pinky and the Brain" depicting two characters who spend their days in search of ways to take over the world! 

Next up is Factologist Sean McVeigh's column, "Facts You Probably Don't Need," serving up a smorgasbord of nonessential yet fascinating minutia such as the fact that the only member of ZZ Top who does not sport a beard is Frank Beard. 

I have to admit I love this column but truth be told, I think good old Sean has got a tad too much time on his hands.

Speaking of facts, you probably don't need, here's a question for all you dyed in the wool BroadChannelphiles out there. What time has been displayed on the clock in the center of the awning signage above the entrance to the Bay Gull Store on Cross Bay Boulevard since it closed several years ago? On second thought, perhaps Sean isn't the only one around here with an abundance of time on his hands!

That brings us to "High Tide - A Little Bit Of This And That," which serves up exactly what it says it will...a little bit of this and, happenings and issues you would not generally know (or care) about had you not visited this column.

Last but not least, it goes without saying that the weekly news stories by Managing Editor Katie McFadden and reporter Kami-Leigh Agard lend The Rockaway Times an air of gravitas comprised of a bedrock of local knowledge and awareness making this weekly gazette an integral part of our Broad Channel community.

Someone recently stopped me in the Rockaway Stop and Shop and commented to me that this column has been running in The Rockaway Times for more than two years now and then said nothing more and simply stared at me with a straight face. I wasn't sure whether I should offer a gracious thank you or an abject apology.

Broad Channel, why would anyone want to live anywhere else? 

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