“I came for yoga and stayed for community.”  Community is really what Ocean Bliss Yoga is about from day one when Helen Kilgallen started within Mrs. Elaine’s Dance Studio in 2009.  Elaine gave Helen the chance to bring yoga to people in a private setting.  Elaine was the most generous and loving person and also a talented dance teacher.  Her studio is thriving under the guidance of her best friend and dancer, Stacey Bennett.  It is with a heavy heart that we leave our family at Elaine’s Dance Studio, but the time has come to have a space dedicated to the practice of yoga.  We are forever grateful for everything they have given to us.  Thank you John Freeburg, Stacey and Tiffany for working with all of us and always being so gracious.  And a deep heartfelt thank you to dear Elaine.

Paulette Mancuso has joined Helen in partnership of Ocean Bliss Yoga.  March 1 was the start in our new dedicated space at the historic Belle Harbor Yacht Club on Beach 126th Street and Beach Channel Drive. John McCann, commodore, has been so accommodating and has created a beautiful, clean, warm space for us on the third floor overlooking the bay.  Thank you, John and all the Board Members for opening your doors to us.  We hope to see you in the room!

We are so fortunate to relocate to this space with the view of the bay.  It is more of a sanctuary. It reflects the inner space we immerse ourselves in through yoga, a moving meditation, at times an offering of peace. Yoga unites us to our sacred body, which is a living well of water. 

Helen has built her devotional practice to include a wellness community where students can choose from vinyasa, open flow, yin, basic, gentle and restorative classes.  There are workshops every month in restorative, yin and yoga nidra, each incorporating meditation and breath work.  Anyone who has taken Helen’s classes experiences a transformational practice born out of a love and commitment to yoga. Paulette’s beautiful practice also exemplifies the union of body, breath and mind. Movement is the song of the body and you will often hear the spontaneous outburst of song from students singing along during her class, truly an enlightening experience.  Together with Sarah, Denise, Kathy and Lori, they bring a special brand of love, joy and commitment to teaching yoga in Rockaway. Maggie and Patti also lead children’s yoga classes.

The space at the Belle Harbor Yacht Club will be a sacred, tranquil space where students can learn, grow, stretch and move in a supportive, caring environment.  We welcome all levels and all kinds of students.  Yoga is for everyone and more beginner, basic and gentle-based classes are being added to increase mobility at any age. Research, after research studies show that yoga and other mind/body practices not only improve flexibility and strength, but also reduce stress. 

If you have thought about taking a yoga class, but haven’t gotten around to it, now is the time to step out of your busy schedule to come and experience the many benefits of yoga with a dedicated staff.  Experience yoga or union of body, breath and mind.  When we (teachers) guide breath and teach body awareness through the poses, we “hold space” for our students. Movement and breath cultivate a connection to ourselves and to others.  The practice allows us to become present to “what is” with acceptance and love and without comparison or competition. Yoga shows us that many things are possible! 

Join us for this new beginning.  Come to this safe, peaceful space at the Belle Harbor Yacht Club to enjoy the experience and benefit from the practice of yoga. 

For schedule and prices, visit our website:  www.oceanblissyoga.net



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