Dear Editor:

I am not a reporter or a journalist, not even a writer, but after reading an article in the Rockaway Times I felt I needed to take pen to paper to clear up some misinformation, myths and misconceptions purported in the article, Far Rock Enchantress in which it refers to Applied Behavior Analysis as “overrated” and “silly.”

Applied Behavior Analysis is the science of human behavior and involves the principles of learning theory. Quoting the definition by Baer, Wolf, & Risley (1968): “Applied Behavior Analysis is the process of systematically applying interventions based upon the principles of learning theory to improve socially significant behaviors to a meaningful degree, and to demonstrate that the interventions

Poop in Your Own Can

Dear Editor:

Dearest responsible dog owners: Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your concern about dog poop. It is wonderful to see you walking your pets, leash in one hand and a baggie in the other. We are heading in the right direction! However, I would appreciate it if you would take the bagged poop home with you for disposal INSTEAD of depositing in my garbage can! DSNY although the strongest, will not remove your baggie and I certainly don't blame them.



Dear Editor:

She opened the door to the studio apartment the four of them were now crammed into. Her face clearly showed the exhaustion of the last two days, but she tried her best to not let it show. “Hi”, my wife Jean said tentatively, unsure how to begin to address a woman we never met, but who had just lost everything. “We heard about the fire, and just wanted to come by and drop off some clothes for you and the kids."  The woman struggled to keep from crying.  “Thank you,” she

Rust Already?

Dear Editor:

As I start my annual lose weight walks along the "bo­ard"walk, I sadly notice that the new benches between Be­ach 116th Street and Beach 117th Street are already starting to rust. While I feel that much of the oceanfront project was well-constructed, it appears that the quality of the metal bench frames are not well-suited for exposure to salty sea air and wind blown sand. Hopefully this is just a bad batch of frames, and is not indicative of additional problems

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Don’t Repave SFP – Restore it!

Dear Editor:

I was happy to read in last week’s Times that Shore Front Parkway would be resurfaced as early as this week!   Wouldn’t’ it be nice if DOT just maintained our roads proactively without the need for political arm twisting?

But let’s not stand on principle, the big issue is that this well-used, beach front thoroughfare needs more than new asphalt. This imminent resurfacing project is a unique

A Better Idea

Dear Editor:

(THE IDEA GUYS by Chris Boyle Re: Amazon Box Return)…Amazon Prime has a program where you can fill their empty boxes with unwanted items (clothing, toys, shoes, linens etc.), and Amazon will give you a posted paid label that you can download and mail them to Goodwill. '' works well. I've used it. Love your column.

Maureen McDonald


Go Kingsmen!

Dear Editor:

(In reply to 3/9 Boyleing Points about the Nazareth High School ’77 Basketball Team

Rockapup is Closing

Dear Editor:

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the closing of Rockapup at 145 Beach 116th St. 

After five years of serving our neighbors in the Rockaways, we find that as each month passes, it becomes harder and harder to keep our brick and mortar business. As it becomes simpler and less expensive to order from online stores, we simply cannot keep our doors open any longer. This is a sad time for us as we have grown to know many dogs and owners in this community

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