Reassign Troopers

Dear Editor:

Aren't the motorists of NY State and NYC hit hard enough with gas tax, parking tickets, tolls, registration fees, moving violations, etc. to satisfy the appetites of these insatiably greedy politicians that seem to hold cradle to grave appointments? Do we really need to have the double jeopardy of Highway Patrol and State Police patrolling the same stretches of roadway?

Can't Cuomo find a more deserving county in NYS that can use a greater police presence? It's an absurd waste of our tax dollars, and showcases the utter disregard the Governor has for the working people of this state and city.

Cuomo - reassign the State Police to a more deserving area. We don't need this spiteful duplication of services

 Dear Editor:

The disaster in Texas is seriously Superstorm Sandy times 10. Think about that. And all I see is people of all stripes and colors helping and saving each other. We are all Americans. Before this happened the media was trying to make us believe we were at the brink of a civil war. Nazis and Antifa are literally one percent of our population. I believe that. Find some common ground.

Thank you to all the amazing people doing incredible things for these Americans. They have such a

 Dear Editor:

This is correspondence between Matthew Peres and Build It Back:

“Dear Matthew Peres:           

This letter serves to inform you that the Build It Back program is no longer processing your application for construction related activities (i.e. rebuild, rehabilitation, elevation, etc.) due to records indicating that you have been unresponsive to outreach efforts…….”

Sincerely, Build It Back Program

And, this is why they kicked me out:

August 17,2017

Dear Build It Back Program

EDC Responds

To The Editor:

The article entitled “Courthouse Curveball” in the August 10, 2017 issue of The Rockaway Times contained several misleading statements that warrant correction.

The original intent behind redeveloping the former Rockaway Courthouse was to address several quality of life needs for residents of the Rockaways after Hurricane Sandy and the closure of Peninsula Hospital. New York City Economic Development Corporation (EDC) issued a Request for Expressions of Interest in

 Dear Editor:

I am a recent transplant to the area nearly two years ago now, having moved from the north of Ireland. I enjoy reading The Times  every week and getting a bit of the local flavor and viewpoints from Between the Bridges and Boyleing Points.

I was struck by the recent article, "The Hallmark Cure."  I too feel the same dismay at the current political climate in the country that I have been proud to call my new home. I moved from a bitterly divided country to where I had thought the

Hopeful Now

Dear Editor:

I just want to send a thank you to the Rockaway Women for Progress for organizing the Peace Vigil held on Tuesday, August 22. I came away feeling inspired and hopeful. This event was exactly what it said it would be....a vigil for peace, tolerance and understanding. Their message was pure and simple.

I'm sure there are some who will mistrust the message of the vigil with criticism and comments, i.e., "why isn't this done when" (you fill in the blanks) and my response

 Dear Editor:

I am a 12-and-a-half-year-old resident of Rockaway and I feel like the ferry was a very good addition to the Rockaway community. The ferry has helped many Rockaway businesses. The people come from the ferry and walk to the beach or take the shuttle to different areas of Rockaway. Also the ferry has made commuting to and from work so much easier. The ferry brings people from the city and other places to our neighborhood. Even though it brings more people down, sometimes people

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