Mayor de Blah Blah Blah

Dear Editor:

The Mayor put on quite the performance last week at PS 114.  After 45 nauseating minutes of politicians patting themselves and each other on the back, the Town Hall meeting finally got around to the business of fielding questions from the audience. By the end, I found it strange that the Mayor had somehow found  the courage to fight the State and Feds on such things as housing court judges, proposed gas lines and jetties, yet plays the helpless victim when it comes to restoring the sorely needed and long overdue rebuilding of the Rockaway Beach Branch, AKA QueensRail. 

Mr. de Blasio thought he had gotten off the hook by reminding us that the MTA is controlled by the state, but the fact is that he

POTUS No Float Us

Dear Editor:

My first time taking the Rockaway ferry was a DISASTER!

On Saturday, December 2, I had to get into the City for dinner and a play, so thought I’d hop on the 3:30 p.m. ferry after visiting my girlfriend.

I got to the pier and lots of people were waiting, but it was a no-show boat! Plus no announcements as to why — only the “crawl” on monitor saying to go online for service alerts.

So I go to the site and it says the Coast Guard closed the East River. WHAT???

Storm Protection Now

Dear Editor:

At the Rockaway Storm Protection event held on beach 129th street to commemorate the five year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, hundreds of us gathered together to hear our religious leaders, our community activists and our politicians speak about resilience and the need for permanent storm protection.  We felt many emotions as we remembered that day five years ago, the day when our beautiful Rockaway was devastated by flooding and fires like never before.  We

Parking Inequality

Dear Editor:

I awoke on an otherwise peaceful Friday morning to the sound of a transportation crew once again destroying my block. Another two to three quality street parking spots gone from Beach 108th Street, just months after a comically unnecessary bike lane was installed on the corner of Shore Front Pkwy across from the hockey rink.

Sure, this won't be the biggest problem from November to May. But when the summer crowds start coming back, when the bungalows are once

D Piper Inn Closing

Dear Editor:

The D Piper Inn Hotel will be closing its doors to the public this Spring 2018. 

However, we will, in no way, stop aggressively voicing the issues that have been allowed to fester in Rockaway Park for 30 years … (i.e. the sub-standard nursing homes, current NYC Public Housing that demoralizes our society, this community, and most importantly, the souls in them).

We will remain ever vigilant and will voice our objections as needed. YOU CAN COUNT ON IT! 

Chiming In On Chai

Dear Editor:

(Regarding the former Chai Home for Adults on Beach 125th) The building is a tinderbox ready to go up any minute. Very sad how this is being treated. The "owner" is actually an attorney, probably representing the non-profit organization that owns it. Every homeowner and the city have to come down hard on them, as it’s five years already and something has to give.

Carmela Soprano



Dear Editor:

(In response to Dylan Watton’s 11/09 letter

Special Thanks

Dear Editor:

As a 69-year-old lifelong resident of Rockaway, I wish to extend a big Thank You to Rockaway Times Publisher Kevin Boyle for his coverage of our community's concerns regarding Superstorm Sandy, which hit our shores five years ago. Kevin published an article by me, "My Concerns with the Army Corps Plan for the Rockaway's" on September 18, 2016, and another one on September 28, 2017 entitled "Hurricane Sandy Beach Resiliency and Recovery 5 Years Later." This week’s

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