Boyleing Checks

Dear Editor:

Check Mate! Your Boyleing Points (Check Point) was spot on. The opposite of chiselers is the friend who sneaks over to the wait staff and pays the bill surreptitiously because they know that’s the only way you would let them pay the bill. That’s the sign of a great friendship and a compliment as well.          

Chris Driscoll


Dear Editor:

Your article reminded me of the time I went out with my friend and her family for her 29th birthday dinner. About 10 of us went to a restaurant where most items were a little expensive so I decided to order "well" as I like to call it; one drink, one entree. The others ordered the same but about four of them also ordered appetizers such as honey biscuits, fish tacos

Yay Maureen

Dear Editor:

(Regarding Maureen Walsh letter about curbing dogs): Wow, Maureen is so right! Dog poop continues to plague the area she speaks about, plus many spots along the Boulevard. I know, I walk it a lot. People just don’t give a poop and the mess continues. To the dog owners and friends who walk dogs for others, PLEASE CLEAN UP after your dog, they can’t!

Danny Ruscillo


More Yay

Dear Editor:

Accolades and kudos to Maureen Walsh for reminding all that there is a Pooper

Other Than The Sand

Dear Editor:

With the closing of sections of beach, here’s some free suggestions: walk around Rockaway and try two new bakeries in the 80s and 90s with heavenly croissants, try restaurants, and visit Boarders with all new bikes on 97th Street on the beach or visit them on Beach 92nd Street. The most amazing navy blue, yellow and red bikes for the community to rent. A friend went to 101 Deli and got me the most amazing hero. It could feed two adults, but I ate it all

Teacher Appreciation

Dear Editor:

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, we are looking for anyone who was taught by Ms. Ann Todes. Ann Todes is a very special person that traveled every day for over 35 years from Manhattan to Rockaway to teach "her" children. She started her Rockaway career at P.S. 114 and was one of the first teachers at Scholars' Academy. Ann is currently not feeling so great and we thought some correspondence and love from those that were touched by her life could help

Wholly In Favor of Half

Dear Editor (to Beth Hanning):

In response to your half day article (Slice of Life, 5/31/18), I want to share a teacher’s side of this.

Yes, half days can be a burden to working parents, and maybe that mom you were speaking about is not lazy but works nights and sleeps during the morning.

Yes, we here in Rockaway can work it out with other parents or family members to pick up our children on half days, as I do for my children at St. Francis de Sales, but not all

Thank You

Dear Editors:

I cannot put into proper words how much gratitude I have for both of you and your staff for writing such a wonderful article about my brother, John. I can only say thank you. You both have a gift for writing. My family was so touched by how you described Johnny and some of the things we loved doing. Rockaway is a place in my heart. It will remain so because of people like you who remember. I truly believe my parents and I wouldn't have made it through those times

Traffic Tribulations

Dear Editor:

I have been taking my mother down to the Saint John’s Episcopal Hospital clinic for wound care treatment weekly. The trip is a nightmare, literally. Between the way too many lights, DOT choking everything to single lanes, God awful road conditions and a feeble attempt to repair it, it takes me half an hour to schlepp a mere six miles. That's 12 MPH for all you math wizzes. Seriously, is there anybody out there who does not find this UNACCEPTABLE? Something

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