Dear Editor:

During the period from the end of April until May 9 my mother was struggling with cellulitis and several other issues. Mom was 92 years old. The first time she was sent to St. John’s Hospital in Far Rockaway, it took six hours to get her out of the Emergency Room and into a regular room.

The second time, which was on May 8, it took nine hours. I can tell you that the staff at St. John’s was professional and gave Mom the treatment she needed from the very beginning. What I found out that day was that without the dedicated nursing staff and doctors who work there, it would have been a disaster. There were gurneys all over the hallways of the emergency room. Doctors and nurses ran from area to area giving treatment and giving

Thanks For The Memories

Dear Editor:

(Re: Rockaway Ole' Times)  Thank you for the picture and caption of the old Washington Hotel. I am the granddaughter of Sylvia and Barney Levine, the founders of the hotel. Three generations of our family ran the business for 50 years. My parents, aunt and I are still Belle Harbor residents. The hotel employed hundreds of local residents over the years, and many employees and customers alike became lifelong friends of the family. The work was a labor of

Respect the Beach

Dear Editor:

I live in Belle Harbor and run the beach most mornings and enjoy spending time on the beach with my family year-round.

More and more, I find myself being welcomed to the beach, by piles of empty beer cans and bottles. One can assume that these are being left behind by teenagers, from the previous night.

There are two issues here: 1) The beach is used as a place for underage drinking- Always has been and trust that parents are discussing high-risk behaviour

Dear Editor:

I am not a reporter or a journalist, not even a writer, but after reading an article in the Rockaway Times I felt I needed to take pen to paper to clear up some misinformation, myths and misconceptions purported in the article, Far Rock Enchantress in which it refers to Applied Behavior Analysis as “overrated” and “silly.”

Applied Behavior Analysis is the science of human behavior and involves the principles of learning theory. Quoting the definition by Baer, Wolf, & Risley

Fix Community Board

Dear Editor:

The Community Board, while advisory in nature, should serve as a forum for community debate and consensus building, not merely a rubber stamp for City agencies.  Towards that end, I have two ideas that should lead to better debate and decision-making,

  1. ) Get rid of the requirement to sign-up in advance for public speaking. Most residents who attend Board meetings go there to listen and learn, not make canned statements. The requirement to sign up in advance

Just An Idea

Dear Editor:

(In response to your April 13th Letter To the Editor by writer Ruth Graves): There is a Facebook Page called Breezy/Rockaway Flea Market (aka Breezy/Rockaway Yard Sale on line), that connects people of the Rockaways with for sale or free items. They can be found at

Dianna Maeurer


Helping Hand

Dear Editor:

I love Ruth Graves' idea of a Rockaway Freecycle website. 

There is a free neighborhood website called Nextdoor, which is a

Poop in Your Own Can

Dear Editor:

Dearest responsible dog owners: Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your concern about dog poop. It is wonderful to see you walking your pets, leash in one hand and a baggie in the other. We are heading in the right direction! However, I would appreciate it if you would take the bagged poop home with you for disposal INSTEAD of depositing in my garbage can! DSNY although the strongest, will not remove your baggie and I certainly don't blame them.


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