Queensrail Not Queensway

Dear Editor:

So what I'm hearing is the Queensway people have a Goal, a Goal that should never be reached. The real Goal that everyone should be fighting for is the reactivation of the Old Rockaway Beach Rail Line, the Queensrail, NOT a park. The fight for this rail would benefit all of us who need so desperately better transportation. Listen to the Queens Public Transit Committee, they know the facts, they know what they're talking about. Everyone who wants a good, safe and reliable mode of transportation must get on BOARD and fight to get the Old Rockaway Beach Rail line, known as the QUEENSRAIL, reactivated. Don't you think we have enough Parks?

Danny Ruscillo 


Dog Poop Solution

Dear Editor:


Thanks, Doc

Dear Editor:

Bravo to Dr. Peter Galvin for his comprehensive and well-researched column on the alleged benefit of supplements. As a PhD Biochemist and Professor of human anatomy and physiology, I have discussed with many individuals over the years how there is absolutely no physiological reasons why most supplements have any benefit.  Furthermore, I have been advocating that individuals using absurdly high levels of supplements might actually be doing themselves harm.  The

Rapid Response

Dear Editor:

There was a most unfortunate ‘Letter to the Editor’ published in last week’s paper that I couldn’t NOT respond to. A very clear and malicious finger was pointed at women who have recently opened businesses on the peninsula, over their supposed involvement in the “Secret Group of Rockaway Women” (RT article) who organized and marched together on January 21.

I am a woman, I am a local business owner, and I moved to Rockaway four years ago. And although I applaud

 Dear Editor:

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy the photos that you have been posting in the paper. Today's cover shot by my neighbor, Joe O'Brien was just spectacular! Thank you for bringing some beauty into our lives with these shots.

Barbara Lev





Dear Editor:

On February 1, I had the occasion to go to a store on Beach 116 Street. It was the first time I really stopped and looked at the block, and what I saw was disturbing.

Starting from the ocean, there are the vacant and boarded-up bar and concessions, the abandoned movie theater, and the tumbled-down rooming houses, all on the east side. But what was really disturbing was the 200 block. There is the vacant old Jamaica Savings Bank, the empty boarded-up store and bar next to it, and

Boyle Rebuke

Dear Editor:

(Regarding last week's Boyleing Points).

The Ringling Bros. Circus ended because it too was, in fact, barbaric.  And that is not “friggin' awesome.”  If we teach kids that animals are there for our entertainment and pleasure, then they will grow up thinking that the world owes them something, and everyone and everything is for their amusement.  If we teach them that animals are sentient, intelligent creatures that experience love, fear and suffering, kids will grow

 Dear Editor:

Everyone knows that bus service should be extended into Far Rockaway, there is no question about that. The big problem we’re going to face now is the City going forward with their plan, Select Bus Service. The extension of the bus service could have taken place years ago and that responsibility falls on the MTA and the local politicians who could have fought for their constituents in Far Rockaway for better transportation. Why should so many people be inconvenienced and, in some

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