Dear Editor:

I am a 12-and-a-half-year-old resident of Rockaway and I feel like the ferry was a very good addition to the Rockaway community. The ferry has helped many Rockaway businesses. The people come from the ferry and walk to the beach or take the shuttle to different areas of Rockaway. Also the ferry has made commuting to and from work so much easier. The ferry brings people from the city and other places to our neighborhood. Even though it brings more people down, sometimes people trying to go to work at night can’t because of people leaving the beach. Some people come that don’t respect Rockaway. They come and litter and they do not know the rules and they do stuff that is dangerous or not allowed. Sometimes people even steal

 Dear Editor:

I am writing because of the tremendous amount of panhandlers that roam 116th Street. While walking to the subway or back from a 14-hour-day in the city working to support my family, I get accosted by numerous people begging for money while the police stand around on their cell phones texting, ignoring this act.  From a woman asking for money at the subway turnstile telling everyone it’s her birthday every day to the zombies roaming the street all the way to the beach reaching out


Dear Editor:

(This letter was sent to the NYCEDC):

Since its launch, the 2017 Rockaway ferry has been a huge success as far as ridership numbers (even more than I expected) but that is clearly still no excuse for leaving commuters at the dock in Rockaway or Manhattan.

The ridership of the Rockaway ferry to Manhattan during off commuting times and on the weekends during the summer has been a great bonus to the city's tourist economy.

Furthermore, the Rockaway ferry has

Beach Etiquette

Dear Editor:

Please print my Ten Commandments of Beach Etiquette. 

  1. Thou shalt not shake out beach towels close to thy neighbor: Walk a significant distance away before you do this and walk a significant distance away from people before you spray sunscreen.

2. If morbidly obese with rolls of flesh hanging over your suit, thou shalt cover-up.

  1. Thou shalt always plant thyself at least five yards away from other beachgoers on holiday weekends: We’ll give you 10 yards on

 Dear Editor:

When my husband, Jim and I decided to have a Tully Reunion Luncheon on July 27, we asked friends for a great caterer. Everyone named Boardwalk Bagel and Deli. We were delighted with the results. The appetizers, salads and wraps were delicious and plentiful for our 13 guests. Kudos to an outstanding caterer! P.S. Even Vincent, who delivered our food, was on time and very helpful!

Mary Dever Kelly

More on Homeopathy

Dear Editor:

Dr. Galvin’s column on homeopathy teething tablets does not fully explore the topics of safety, composition of homeopathy products, or research in homeopathy. Parents deserve more balanced information to help them evaluate the products for themselves. 

Dr. Ronald Whitmont, President of the American Institute of Homeopathy, a national medical association, makes the following points in his analysis of the FDA reported cases.

Missed Connection

(Re: The "Hey Piggy" sign telling peeple to pick up their trash)


Dear Poseidon:

Who are you?! We love your “pick up your trash” message and your brilliant marketing ploy using an airplane, and we want to get to know you and potentially collaborate.

Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., we promise to keep your identity under wraps.



Business Alliance


Naloxone Works

Dear Editor:

Thank you to Janie Simmons for

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