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Queensrail Not Queensway

Dear Editor:

So what I'm hearing is the Queensway people have a Goal, a Goal that should never be reached. The real Goal that everyone should be fighting for is the reactivation of the Old Rockaway Beach Rail Line, the Queensrail, NOT a park. The fight for this rail would benefit all of us who need so desperately better transportation. Listen to the Queens Public Transit Committee, they know the facts, they know what they're talking about. Everyone who wants a good, safe and reliable mode of transportation must get on BOARD and fight to get the Old Rockaway Beach Rail line, known as the QUEENSRAIL, reactivated. Don't you think we have enough Parks?

Danny Ruscillo 


Dog Poop Solution

Dear Editor:

(In Response to 2/16’s RockaRage)

I believe the dog poop solution is actually offered by The Rockaway Times and a fellow called Charlie Agrisonti! Depending on where you live in Rockaway, the following may sound familiar.

On a weekly basis every home in the 90s is issued poop bags! We actually receive an additional bi-weekly delivery of poop bags tossed into our front yard as well. I am referring to The Rockaway Times (enclosed in clear bags), and the coupons (enclosed in a bag with a promoted brand on the exterior).

When I called the phone number on the coupon bag (800-376-6222) to request that since we do not have dogs, we would prefer to not find this unrequested material on our property. I was apparently ignored since the bags keep coming...

The woman who answered the phone was brusk and annoyed that I requested a delivery stoppage; in fact, she went on about how it would be illegal for me to ask for the delivery to stop if I am not the sole inhabitant of the property! I am amazed that our laws encourage the tossing/dumping of unwanted commercial materials on private property!

Anyway, back to dog poop! Charlie Agrisonti is the fellow who coordinates the stuffing of the bags with coupons or free newspapers, then has a team of delivery people strolling with shopping carts down our streets while tossing the bags onto our properties. Charlie's business could become a positive force in our community by having his team use their bags to pick up the poop whilst distributing, onto doorsteps rather than front lawns, the coupons or free papers to the residents who request them.

It seems wasteful in every sense to have Charlie's team step in dog poop as they stroll our windy streets while tossing unwanted bags with perhaps unwanted contents into our properties when a simple reorganizing of resources could solve multiple problems. Perhaps the corporate sponsors printed on the coupon bags would fund the poop pick-up campaign as well as the current distribution of poop bags and their contents?

This may sound a little crazy but crazy ideas have recently proven to be a recipe for success!

David Selig


Poop's a Problem

Dear Editor:

I am reading this week's RockaRage column regarding people not picking up after their dogs. I agree completely that during the winter months it becomes much worse and is a real problem. Can we also add that these pet owners also need to curb their dogs and not permit the dog to defecate on neighbors’ lawns. I do not own a dog but over the past two months I have had to pick up dog droppings off my front lawn and on two occasions my husband stepped in it and tracked it through our house! It is disgusting! They chose to own a dog and there are certain responsibilities that come with that.

Annette Marchinetti


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