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Just An Idea

Dear Editor:

(In response to your April 13th Letter To the Editor by writer Ruth Graves): There is a Facebook Page called Breezy/Rockaway Flea Market (aka Breezy/Rockaway Yard Sale on line), that connects people of the Rockaways with for sale or free items. They can be found at facebook.com/groups/bpyardsale/

Dianna Maeurer


Helping Hand

Dear Editor:

I love Ruth Graves' idea of a Rockaway Freecycle website. 

There is a free neighborhood website called Nextdoor, which is a private social network where neighbors can connect and can post all sorts of things like free items, items for sale by owner, recommendations etc. It's a great communication tool for a multitude of things.  Although I am not able to launch and maintain a website alone, if there are people out there who are interested in setting up a Rockaway Nextdoor website, send me an email. I'd be happy to help! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Rosemary McGuire


Give Us a Break

Dear Editor:

(In response to 4/13 article about $8 Ferry parking): What a ripoff. The parking space is near the newer Ferry dock station in the part of the Rockaways, where there are a lot of middle-income and low-income families living there, in which some of them don't have a choice but using an automobile from their place of residence to the expensive parking lot for a park-and-ride. Give the people of the Rockaways a major break for once.

Pedro Valdez Rivera Jr.


Dog Danger

Dear Editor:

I was just taking an exercise walk down Jarvis Ave in Far Rockaway, when an adult, angry, unleashed, collared pit bull came charging at me. I was on public property, jogging on the sidewalk, when this loose attacker came my way. I had to jump atop a nearby, parked minivan to prevent being mauled by this pit bull. Seconds later, a second huge dog came barking and charging at me. It too was collared but unleashed and not fenced in. The owner was nowhere in sight. 911 did nothing about the incident.

I am a student at SUNY Downstate Medical Center and a mother to three young children, one of which is a nursing three-month-old. If a person would have to defend him/herself from such a dog, he/she would sustain a very serious injury. I am writing to call communal attention to this incident. Perhaps public support can put pressure on local authorities to protect pedestrians.

Judy Bush


No to SFP Parking!

Dear Editor:

What I don't get is how somebody that sleeps in Arverne is pushing parking in Rockaway Beach and Rockaway Park. The stakeholders that live from 73rd to 108th Street are overwhelmingly against parking on Shorefront Parkway! I therefore appeal to my fellow community leaders to support the people who live in the Shorefront Parkway area and speak out against the DOT's plan to put metered parking anywhere on Shorefront Parkway.

Eddy Pastore


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