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Respect the Beach

Dear Editor:

I live in Belle Harbor and run the beach most mornings and enjoy spending time on the beach with my family year-round.

More and more, I find myself being welcomed to the beach, by piles of empty beer cans and bottles. One can assume that these are being left behind by teenagers, from the previous night.

There are two issues here: 1) The beach is used as a place for underage drinking- Always has been and trust that parents are discussing high-risk behaviour that comes along with that.

2) The kids are leaving their mess and smashing bottles, without care. This being a place with such a strong sense of "community," is what I really have an issue with. If they really cared about where they live, they'd clean up after themselves and not leave a mess for other people or broken glass for people to cut themselves on.

Perhaps, these entitled youths should bring garbage bags with them and show some pride, in the place they live.



Living In Luxury

Dear Editor:

Be advised the Rockaway Ferry is a taxpayer-subsidized luxury yacht for the rich white people of Belle Harbor so that they can drink their cocktails on the way to Wall Street. Whereas the rest of us still have to ride the overcrowded subways to Queens, Brooklyn and 34th Street in Manhattan. This is supposed to be de Blasio's achievement?

David Doblack


A Real Patriot

Dear Editor:

This past Sunday morning, my son and I pulled into Ft. Tilden for our 9 a.m. Rockaway Little League game, and my boy Matthew (7-years-old) got a great surprise! Tom Brady, arguably the greatest football player of all time was playing wiffle ball with one of his sons - while his other son played in an 8 a.m. soccer game vs DTS (Dutch Total Soccer), as they usually do for the spring season on the fields closest to the FDNY & buses.

My son Matt has become obsessed with Mr. Brady over the last year, collecting all his cards and memorabilia. As a Jets fan it hurts - YES it hurts a lot ....but I can't argue with the success and greatness the man has displayed over the years, and I tell Matt that. We pull our car up to him and I ask, "You sure look like Tom Brady.” He smiled and said, "I am, how are you doing?" My reply was, "my son is a huge fan of yours, can he say hello?"  He said, "sure" and Matthew rolled down the back window of the car and said hi to both he and his son. I asked what he was doing in Rockaway and he said to watch his kid’s soccer game that had started. I told him I wanted to respect his time with his children and we would go, he was appreciative and nice enough. My son ran on to the baseball field and told everyone! So, slowly people made their way over to see him. Though he did not want to take pictures, some of us were able to snap a shot!

Chris LaFroscia


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