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Nice Job!

Dear Editor:

Well, it was worth searching for!  I missed my chance to pick up your summer magazine in Breezy Point last week. I got to the stores on Friday and they were all gone. I think some people must get there so early on Thursday.  I then went into Rockaway and couldn’t find any until I found one at the YMCA. 

It’s very detailed and I like the way you wrote about the different neighborhoods and listed all the things to do. It’s really a great publication and the entire staff did a great job. I am going out in search of more because I want to give to friends who visit. Thank you Rockaway Times.

Rosemary Cama


More Seating Please

Dear Editor:

This is a letter that I sent to Eric Ulrich's office. I was wondering if more homeowners had ever requested the same?

Good afternoon. I am a lifelong resident of Rockaway beach and live on Beach 126th Street. My husband and I have three small children and frequent the boardwalk daily. As the summer weather approaches, obviously the boardwalk is the place to be (which is great), yet we never have any place to sit with our kids. Whether it be morning or night the promenade they built is beautiful on 126th, yet doesn't allow for much seating and the nearest benches are two blocks away. Could you please help us out and try to find a remedy to this problem, obviously more benches would be the ideal solution. Thank you and thank you for always supporting our community. Have a great weekend.

 Kerry Brady


 Deserved Coverage

Dear Editor:

About 150 people came to the Knights of Columbus on Beach 90th Street on May 20 for a special Mass. They re-dedicated and blessed the pro-life Memorial stone that had been there since 1996. It had been stolen last October from the garden of the K of C grounds. The stone was erected in "Memory of the Unborn Who Have Died Needlessly Due to Abortion."

No one knew in October that the stone had been stolen because the Rockaway newspapers never reported it.

This was not a random act. It took several people, at least, to take it out of the garden and then throw it in Jamaica Bay off Beach 88th Street. It stayed there for four months until a local resident collecting driftwood discovered it at low tide.

Do the people who committed this malicious act think they can stop others from speaking out for the rights of the unborn?

This story should have been covered by the Rockaway Times because it was a terrible act of vandalism against the Knights of Columbus and the Catholic community.

Geri Haggerty


Ferry Suggestion

Dear Editor:

The Brooklyn ferry stops at 69th Street in Bay Ridge now. The Rockaway ferry should stop there instead of the Brooklyn Army Terminal, which is no-man’s land. If the ferry stopped at 69th people we could visit Bay Ridge and vice-versa. People getting off at the army terminal could just as easily get off at 69th and the ferry stop would be quicker because the 69th Street Pier is more accessible. Just a little change would make a great difference.

L. Silva


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