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Dear Editor:

My campaign to represent the 32nd District in the City Council was endorsed by the Queens Public Transit Committee (QPTC) this week.

The QPTC advocates for improving public transportation in our borough and throughout the city. Its signature cause, implementing the QueensRail, the former Rockaway Beach Branch of the Long Island Rail Road, has gained immense traction recently. Thanks to efforts by the group and important figures like former Assemblymember Phil Goldfeder, the MTA is now conducting a feasibility study for the project. This is especially significant in light of the fact that we are fueled by a good idea and unwavering commitment, while our counterparts who wish to turn the train line into a park, are powered by millions of taxpayer dollars.

This is about reducing our commutes to and from midtown Manhattan by up to 45 minutes. I will take our tenacity over their well-paid consultants any day.

The committee has also been vocal in its opposition to the plan for Select Bus Service on Cross Bay and Woodhaven boulevards. The proposal was rejected by community boards 14, 10 and 9 because it involves removing traffic lanes from a congested thoroughfare and presents safety issues by forcing bus riders into the dangerous median. It also stands to eliminate numerous bus stops in Rockaway as we know them.

I am proud to say I have been at the forefront of these battles, as a member of the QPTC and later as its first vice president. We do not quit.

Contrast that with the incumbent council member who claimed the QueensRail "would not happen in our lifetime" and that Select Bus Service was inevitable. Stating that our efforts are futile is distasteful, and raises suspicions about whether he is sincere or merely attempting to discredit a political adversary.

When questioned about it at the Rockaway Beach Civic Association meeting, he doubled down on telling us to surrender.

As the QPTC understands, standing up for residents on transit is critically important to the future of our community. We cannot afford leadership that tells us results are impossible and refuses to fight for our needs.

The choice is clear. A vote for Mike is a vote for better transportation.

Mike Scala


Watch A Garden Grow

Dear Editor:

We would like to tell you about the Beach 58th Street Community Garden. Through the hard work of the Rockaway Youth Task Force (RYTF) under the leadership of Milan Taylor, a vacant lot has been transformed into a place of wondrous beauty for the community. There are vegetable gardens, flower gardens, quiet areas to sit and reflect, space for community functions…even a chicken coop. The RYTF members are our future leaders and they are definitely off to a great start. If you want to be truly inspired by what can be done, stop by and be wowed, Monday through Saturday 12 noon - 8 p.m.

 Ken & Eileen Flam

 Garden Members


Traffic Conundrum

Dear Editor:

The new traffic lines and patterns along Shore Front Parkway are beyond confusing. Is this the way to the land of Oz? I mean it’s absolutely ridiculous, there was a serious accident on Beach 102nd Street on Sunday. It’s crazy! I don’t complain much as I love this town of ours, but this has to be fixed, sooner, rather than later.  Confusing is being nice. Our local politicians really need to jump on NYC DOT for this!

Robert Killian


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