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Chilly Reaction

Dear Editor:

After reading the column, Between the Bridges (June 8), it made me so aware that the inability to see things clearly has completely escaped this country. You say you are “somewhat of an environmentalist” and then you go on to support the end of the most important environmental agreement of our lives.

The article basically says how Obama didn’t check with Congress regarding the Paris climate agreement. Previously, legislation stopped us from entering into agreements that would harm the economy of the country. There is no greater harm to this country than not protecting the environment.

Mahon writes that he has lived through storms and tides so I think he wants us to assume he is an expert on the climate. This has become the prevailing mentality in the country. Everyone wants to believe they are smarter than the scientists and experts who study these problems. Yes, climate change is one of the biggest threats to this country’s economy. The Trump obsession with everything Obama is the only reason he is pulling out of this most important Paris agreement. His twisted ego will only help to destroy us, maybe not in our lifetime but certainly in our grandchildren’s.

What was the point of the article? To show how smart Trump is about climate change? To prove that Obama was underhanded in his attempt to help resolve the planet’s environmental issues? Do you really believe that congress would have given approval to anything by Obama? So here we are cutting off our noses to spite our faces. Your article does nothing to elevate the thinking of its readers. The only thing this article does is pander to the constituents that agree with you.

 Mike Scandiffio


Bikers Beware

Dear Editor:

On Father’s Day, two of us went to Beach 116th street (free parking) and walked on the boardwalk of cement down to 110th Street — I was showing my friend Diana the sights — there is my old high school, St. Johns Home for Boys, and the Beacon Rehab and Nursing home. Way before the turn at Beach 110th Street, Diana was almost run down by a man on a bike, who deliberately came too close to her and was smirking as he did it. He was not a kid but a grown up a-hole and she understandably got upset. 

There were three of them riding next to each other in the middle lane when they should have been in the BIKE LANE or not on the boardwalk at all because it was 10:15 a.m. on Sunday. It's that kind of disregard for walkers’ safety that spurs on the problems with bikes on the boardwalk. Let the bikers know I will be recording their actions.

Dorothy J.


Bikers Applauded

Dear Editor:

I was on the boardwalk and suddenly noticed all these bicycles, some had two wheels, but a lot of them had four, and they were all decorated. It looked like so much fun! I found out that this was a Bike Parade run by the Rockaway Waterfront Alliance. I wish I knew about it. I am definitely joining in next year. Bravo to all the participants!

Julie Southard



Dear Editor:

I like many others enjoyed the photos of many popular and well-deserving photos of the Rockaway Dads that were published in last week’s edition. I just have one bone to pick with the "Publisher." He left out one of the more deserving and popular Rockaway Dads. Where was "Family Dad" photo of Kevin Boyle ?!...Just wondering...if you are unaware of who "Kevin Boyle" is, ask anyone walking, or biking on the boardwalk, or any local Rockaway will find he's a pretty interesting guy!....Maybe next year!

Kenny M 

(Editor’s note: No way)


A Little Help?

Dear Editor:

I reside in Rockaway Beach. Among Internet providers, we have just 2 options: Verizon and Spectrum. Both are visually overpriced (we pay around $80 for Spectrum Internet only, including taxes). Why? Because of monopoly. Recall: same story was with international phone service and cell phone service providers. As soon as the phone monopoly (it was just Verizon/Bell Atlantic, AT&T, Sprint and MCI at the time) was broken and the market was totally open for competition, prices for such service decreased about 10 times. I contacted the Federal Communications Commission, they replied - it's your state’s business. I contacted NY State Public Service Commission, they replied —we know that but it's nothing we can do.

I contacted our elected representatives. I met personally with our NY State Senator Joseph Addabbo in his Rockaway office. He assured me that he'd start working on that the very next day to prepare an appropriate bill. It was in November of 2016. Nothing still. I contacted his office a few months thereafter to follow up. "Senator is working on it", — was standard refrain. I sent an e-mail to our NY State Assembly member Stacey Pheffer Amato; sent twice - by regular e-mail and on her website. No answer after few months. I sent a letter to Congressman Gregory Meeks; I even got confirmation generated by his automated system. The same: no answer after a few months.

Ladies and gentlemen! What's sense does it make to elect/re-elect these officials if they ignore our requests, our problems and don't care about us? Do you seriously think they represent us, share our pain and spend their time to improve our life? Or do they just represent their own inner circle?

Alex Litvak


Dog-Gone It!

Dear Editor:

I live in the Ocean Grande, and it’s a shame that when we walk out of the gate on Beach 117th Street that the dog droppings are right there on the floor, I confronted a man one time and he told me he would hit me with a baseball bat. There is a woman in our building who is one of the guilty ones. The neighbors told me and I have not caught her on camera, but I will. It’s a shame we have to see this and it can be put to a stop at least around our wonderful building, with the technology today.



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