Clean Up 116th

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 Dear Editor:

I am writing because of the tremendous amount of panhandlers that roam 116th Street. While walking to the subway or back from a 14-hour-day in the city working to support my family, I get accosted by numerous people begging for money while the police stand around on their cell phones texting, ignoring this act.  From a woman asking for money at the subway turnstile telling everyone it’s her birthday every day to the zombies roaming the street all the way to the beach reaching out to my wife for cash. Why is this allowed? This is making our community look like a virtual living dead movie. There has to be more than just me that sees this. When will it end?

I mean no disrespect to the police, but come on guys, I watched a female panhandler accost a child that obviously was on vacation with her parents getting screamed at to have them buy her a watermelon as the boys in blue stood by the bag check stand ignoring the entire incident and having a conversation about the Yankees. I don’t even want to know when it will end, I would just like to know when it will start to be cleaned up so I feel safe sending my wife or daughters to the store for milk without being threatened by these zombies.

 Scott Boston



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