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 Dear Editor:

I am a 12-and-a-half-year-old resident of Rockaway and I feel like the ferry was a very good addition to the Rockaway community. The ferry has helped many Rockaway businesses. The people come from the ferry and walk to the beach or take the shuttle to different areas of Rockaway. Also the ferry has made commuting to and from work so much easier. The ferry brings people from the city and other places to our neighborhood. Even though it brings more people down, sometimes people trying to go to work at night can’t because of people leaving the beach. Some people come that don’t respect Rockaway. They come and litter and they do not know the rules and they do stuff that is dangerous or not allowed. Sometimes people even steal. We are having a large problem with bicycles being taken and they are even cutting the locks. They need to have more police to try to stop crime. I think they should have more ferries at rush hour and at times when the most people are coming and leaving the beach. Also in the winter I think they don't need as many boats because it will mostly be commuters. Overall the ferry can be good and bad for Rockaway.

Justin Aleman



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