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Hopeful Now

Dear Editor:

I just want to send a thank you to the Rockaway Women for Progress for organizing the Peace Vigil held on Tuesday, August 22. I came away feeling inspired and hopeful. This event was exactly what it said it would be....a vigil for peace, tolerance and understanding. Their message was pure and simple.

I'm sure there are some who will mistrust the message of the vigil with criticism and comments, i.e., "why isn't this done when" (you fill in the blanks) and my response would be, then organize something promoting support, tolerance and understanding and I will be there front and center cheering you on.

Personally, I have attended too many sad events. I did it in unity for those who lost loved ones who died simply because of who they were.

I now know, after attending this vigil and seeing the turnout, the community of Rockaway, Broad Channel and Breezy Point want the same things.

 Judy Kenny


That’s Cold

Dear Editor:

My husband and I are fortunate to live in the Ocean Grande, between Beach 116th and 117th Streets, and to have a terrace overlooking the water. It has been a real blessing to us. However, one of the truly heartbreaking aspects of living there is that every bright, sunny beach day is punctuated by the anguished screams of frightened little children, whose parents force them under the freezing water from the boardwalk showers. It's a suffering they can't escape until their parents are sure they have washed away every grain of sand, that defined their child's joy-filled, carefree day. The adults can make a choice to shower and wash their hair in frigid water. But, for the children, their only choice is to endure until it's over. Should there be so much misery for the sake of cleanliness?

What would be so bad about brushing the sand off your child with a towel, clap out the sand from her shoes, put her clothes back on, and talk about what a fun day she had?

I think cleanliness can be more kindly found in a warm bath at home after the train ride.

Dr. Dolores Brandt Fusco


Courthouse Be Gone

Dear Editor:

The NYCEDC President James Patchett talks about community-serving uses for the former Rockaway Court House. Well, between the EDC, our New York City officials and any agencies involved, why don't you all get together and at least discuss completely knocking down this boarded-up, brick-falling and pigeon-infested structure. What this area really needs is a multi-floor municipal parking garage, don't you think? Well, I know many that do when it comes to being able to park.

Danny Ruscillo


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