BIB Punishment

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 Dear Editor:

This is correspondence between Matthew Peres and Build It Back:

“Dear Matthew Peres:           

This letter serves to inform you that the Build It Back program is no longer processing your application for construction related activities (i.e. rebuild, rehabilitation, elevation, etc.) due to records indicating that you have been unresponsive to outreach efforts…….”

Sincerely, Build It Back Program

And, this is why they kicked me out:

August 17,2017

Dear Build It Back Program (BIB) and Mayor de Blasio,

This letter is in response to your letter threatening to unilaterally remove me from the Build It Back program unless I schedule a meeting by August 18, 2017 to sign my construction agreement and move out of my house.

Despite my numerous attempts to require BIB to justifiably explain why it is necessary to spend $350K to raise my house, when less costly NYC Building Department codes, and HUD required alternatives are available, BIB had repeatedly and defiantly stated: “it has already answered all my questions and has nothing further to add.”

Therefore, I am requesting that our meeting be video and audibly recorded.

I must admit to being mentally-challenged, since I cannot understand where or when BIB has justifiably explained its position to waste countless taxpayer dollars, and thereby force my criminal complicity in the process.

Therefore, under the Freedom of Information Act, and whatever rights and representations can be afforded to a mentally-challenged person, I want you to review for recorded posterity, your explanations of the issues I have raised, so I can make an informed decision, and in the process, everyone can bear witness to your careful stewardship of their hard-earned taxpayer dollars.

Please schedule the meeting to allow sufficient time for me to notify media, governmental agencies, politicians and the general public who may wish to attend.

By the way, I have never had a formal meeting with my contractor.

Sincerely, Matt Peres

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