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 Dear Editor:

I am a recent transplant to the area nearly two years ago now, having moved from the north of Ireland. I enjoy reading The Times  every week and getting a bit of the local flavor and viewpoints from Between the Bridges and Boyleing Points.

I was struck by the recent article, "The Hallmark Cure."  I too feel the same dismay at the current political climate in the country that I have been proud to call my new home. I moved from a bitterly divided country to where I had thought the discourse would be more reasonable. I have become dismayed at the similarities I see here to the bitterness and unreason, which divided my birth country.

Trying to understand the political climate here and the underlying principles at the core of the two major factions that run this country has been a steep hill to climb mentally for me. I still now, after a number of years pondering where my core instincts lay in the coin toss that is political choice here, am reticent to pick one side or the other at times. But I have to admit that in the current climate I have found myself repulsed at some of the antics of the current administration. I also retract from a lot of the rhetoric of the left.

I have been trying to get more of the conservative viewpoint in my media diet and while I find traditional conservative outlets use rational thinking and reasoned argument (Wall Street Journal, National Review, etc). I cannot stand cable 'news' of any kind and find the punditry reductive and reactionary (from all the stations). I gather from your column you are an intelligent writer coming from a right-leaning perspective. I would love to discuss some of the underlying principles of your politics from your perspective. 

Joseph Walls

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