Out For Each Other

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 Dear Editor:

The disaster in Texas is seriously Superstorm Sandy times 10. Think about that. And all I see is people of all stripes and colors helping and saving each other. We are all Americans. Before this happened the media was trying to make us believe we were at the brink of a civil war. Nazis and Antifa are literally one percent of our population. I believe that. Find some common ground.

Thank you to all the amazing people doing incredible things for these Americans. They have such a long road ahead of them. We know that here in Rockaway. But it's Texas. They do everything Big in Texas and I expect them to rebuild better than ever. Thank you to all the amazing people I know that are heading down there as we speak, and to all our local organizations like Rockaway Wish and The Graybeards who are doing what they do…making a difference.

John Burke






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