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Reassign Troopers

Dear Editor:

Aren't the motorists of NY State and NYC hit hard enough with gas tax, parking tickets, tolls, registration fees, moving violations, etc. to satisfy the appetites of these insatiably greedy politicians that seem to hold cradle to grave appointments? Do we really need to have the double jeopardy of Highway Patrol and State Police patrolling the same stretches of roadway?

Can't Cuomo find a more deserving county in NYS that can use a greater police presence? It's an absurd waste of our tax dollars, and showcases the utter disregard the Governor has for the working people of this state and city.

Cuomo - reassign the State Police to a more deserving area. We don't need this spiteful duplication of services. Carry on your feud with de Blasio somewhere else.

 Mark Spadaro


Job Well Done

Dear Editor:

Heartiest congratulations for Rockaway's Brian O'Connell and all his staff!

A recent poll of NYC's best public schools rated Rockaway's Scholar's Academy the fifth best public school in the city; and New York City being America's greatest city, this ranking puts Scholar's Academy, undoubtedly, among the top public schools across the nation.

How awesome is this?

O'Connell's single-minded devotion to excellence and his ability as a smart leader to surround himself with hard-workin', dedicated and gifted teachers is a public school beacon that has uplifted, enhanced, and stimulated character development and career development among the thousands of students who've passed through those Freeway and Beach Channel Drive doors.

Here's what they say: "This academically accelerated grade 6-12 school on the Rockaway peninsula offers an ambitious curriculum and cutting-edge tech to prepare students for 21st-century careers.

Kids use iPads, Chromebooks, and MacBooks and choose from 10 AP courses.

In the upper grades, they can earn up to 20 college credits through a partnership with St. Francis College in Brooklyn.

Exceptional drama club, marching and concert bands and visual arts. The Key Club leads charitable efforts, including the Leaf Crunch cleanup day in Forest Park and food collections for City Harvest."

When you see some surfer dude over there on Beach 88th catch a huge 10-foot wave and surf the curl smoothly, silently and cleanly — this is what Brian and his staff do every day, five days a week, 280 days a year.

We are all in his debt. He, or I should say his students, are New York's future and with educators like Brian, the future is looking brighter, better, bigger all the time.

Heartiest congrats Brian!

 Peter J. Stubben


Consolation Wishes

Dear Editor:

I'm a Mets fan. I think baseball should have a "Battle of the Bottom-feeders" at the end of the season, where the two worst teams in each division have a one-game playoff, to be followed the next day by a "Hardly World Serious" game, when the American and National Leagues would compete for a win. And maybe a trophy.

This would extend the season and bring in extra revenue.  It might also relieve some glumness for the "loser" fans,  replacing it with the spirit of playfulness that American Baseball once enjoyed. ... (How about that?!)

Maureen McNelis


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