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Lock Your Doors

Dear Editor:

Please make sure you lock your automobile at night.

A week ago, Thursday, I inadvertently left my car door open overnight (on Beach 126th Street).

The next morning I found that someone had ransacked through the car and stole two pairs of sunglasses.

You cannot tell if my car doors were locked from the outside, so they must have been walking down the street in the middle of the night, checking car doors to see if they were open!

Larry Scheiber


Get Back to BC

Dear Editor:

I have enjoyed The Rockaway Times and Peter Mahon’s Between The Bridges column for a long time. But what is it lately with his column? His snide comments with a far right bias is getting too much to take. I thought the column was mostly about Broad Channel. Mr. Mahon quotes “bat shit crazy” progressives and lists all the bad names they call the President. But it’s okay for the totally sane right wingers to call the Clintons murderers! They’ve tried to hang two murders on the Clintons.  (Vince Foster and Seth Rich)  If The Rockaway Times is going to allow Mr. Mahon his soapbox then the paper should offer equal time.  But I really don’t hope that becomes necessary. I hope Mr. Mahon returns to previous form and lets us enjoy his Broad Channel view without the noise.

P. Barkis


Drug Awareness

Dear Editor:

Thank you for writing about the drug problems in the area. This is a deadly serious issue that Rockaway people must be aware of.  People should educate themselves about the dangers of opioids and other drugs. This is not a problem that just affects young people or some class of people. It is very widespread and all community members should be aware. Abuse can be in your own family.

Name Withheld


Rockaway Gets Naloxone

Dear Editor:

Thanks for covering the story of overdoses in Rockaway and for plugging RockawayGetsNaloxone.

So much more work to do.

Janie Simmons


Yogi Wisdom

Dear Editor:

The summer’s over and I’m glad because I can finally see friends I haven’t seen all summer.  You know what Yogi Berra used to say about a restaurant, “Nobody goes there anymore, it’s too crowded.”  Well, the weather’s nice and you can go places now!

 Tina L.


Bring a Rock to Rock

Dear Editor:

 I’m with Kevin Boyle. Citizen Jetties- I'm there.

Nancy Abramson


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