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Laughing At Danger

Dear Editor:

I LOVED Boyleing Points (about Danger, 10-19). My husband and I laugh at what we did as kids: I used to go to Tobacconist for two packs of cigarettes and I played the number for my dad! 523, 1$ straight and 1$ box! Another one of our friends (no name mentioned) went to the corner store with a note and got a six pack for his dad!!! How are we alive? I could go on and on!

Thanks !

 Beth Hanning


Traffic Nightmare

Dear Editor:

I am one of probably many Rockaway residents that use Cross Bay/Woodhaven Blvd to commute to work. NYC has created the Frankenstein monster of traffic jams due to the installation of bus stops, shelters, and street design changes for the moronic Select Bus Service scheme. There are no less than six separate lane closures for construction work on Woodhaven Blvd., which has created huge traffic problems.

Firstly, the City is reducing the number of traffic lanes on one of the most heavily traveled roads in the City, a road that has no alternate useable routes. Secondly, the work is being done during morning rush hour, instead of at night when the impact would be less.

Where are our elected officials? Did they know of this work and approve it? Due to Uber, Lyft, and other livery services, the number of vehicles on the road has mushroomed. Driving in Manhattan is a driver's worst nightmare, with the outer boroughs not far behind. Our current Mayor claims to be against traffic congestion yet he and his predecessor have made traffic much worse. I suggest voters remember that when they go to the polls in two weeks.

Peter Galvin


True Do It Yourselfer

Dear Editor:

I have been blessed to ride my bike most mornings on the boardwalk in Rockaway Beach, Queens, New York City!  What a beautiful and amazing spiritual experience it is to watch the waves, the many faces that pass my way and the gentle breeze. AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL!

At the same time I get to see the crap, literally the crap from dogs that somehow is getting worse and worse each day all along the boardwalk.

Those people? What are they thinking or not thinking? I try to understand.

Why would they let their dog do that?  So thoughtless. It’s a place where people walk barefoot. Why doesn’t the Parks Department do something about it?  But who wants to pick up other people’s crap, no less their own?

Or the cops can ticket people, or maybe we need some signs telling people not to do it?

There were some of my nicer initial thoughts!

How many of us leave our crap, literally or figuratively, around our schools, parks, city, neighborhoods, in government each day?  How many of us complain, argue, yet leave the crap for someone else to pick up? Or fling it in our words that we speak?  Which I have done myself, so I can be hypercritical but I can still change. So the crap continues and in a way the world gets smellier and more annoying, what’s next?

I thought how hard is it really, if every day I pick it up.

Upon looking and paying attention, I find other garbage that is usually also thrown around or I go to a nearby garbage can and find something to clean up our boardwalk. So instead of complaining, waiting for others or getting angry, I am doing one thing to make the world a better place. You are either part of the problem (those that do it and those that do nothing) or part of the solution (doing something to change, clean, fix, help out.)

Now imagine if others did that, I pass dozens of people and hundreds who use the boardwalk daily! Weekend and summers, thousands! So instead of just self-centered exercise, why not stop once and clean up the crap or garbage, do your part?

Result: clean boardwalks, no more crap!

Now imagine applying this to life, which I am trying.

If I or others did that with our families, and in our recent political world, instead of crapping on others, or complaining, judging and waiting for someone else to clean up a mess, we did it. Without the government and without any taxpayers money. And it can be done today, not some empty, some day promise.

My final thought, in riding my bike I discovered most people don’t live in awareness of others, their world is small, self-centered, hence they don’t notice what their dog does effects the larger community. At the same time, I think they also don’t realize that each decision, little or big, actually has a positive or a negative effect? I know deep down that all humans are created the same, by the same God and deep down want the same things: respect, hope, love and security for their families.  Don’t you?

I know we can’t always agree or see things the same way, and crap is always going to be a part of life! But, the Golden Rule still applies! Do unto others, as you would want done unto you!

I repeat, in other words, treat others the way you want to be treated.

I know no one likes to be put down, hurt, or told they are wrong, or if you don’t like it go fly a kite or leave. So I am trying not to judge the dog walkers but am doing something positive about scooping the poop.

I believe what made America Great and makes America Great, is it’s a country where people have always thought beyond their individual self for the greater of the community and where countless people through history and today give of themselves, not expecting anything back and without judgement of others. Shit happens but let us be more mindful what comes out of our mouths and stop and think before we speak shit about anyone, for everyone’s shit does stink! Even mine! And maybe the old cliché that “Shit happens!” can now be said, “Shit happens and I cleaned it up!”

Grateful to be an American!

Kenneth Wodzanowski


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