Parking Inequality

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Parking Inequality

Dear Editor:

I awoke on an otherwise peaceful Friday morning to the sound of a transportation crew once again destroying my block. Another two to three quality street parking spots gone from Beach 108th Street, just months after a comically unnecessary bike lane was installed on the corner of Shore Front Pkwy across from the hockey rink.

Sure, this won't be the biggest problem from November to May. But when the summer crowds start coming back, when the bungalows are once more filled, Beach 108th becomes on par with the worst of midtown Manhattan. So when will it end?

While Belle Harbor and Neponsit continue to prevent weekend street parking in the summer months, Rockaway Park is instead seeing permanent quality parking spaces taken away, and for what? To prevent non-existent accidents? To free up space for bikers that have a flat concrete boardwalk 50 feet away?

It is asinine urban planning, and it is a case of the haves and have-nots. When will the Rockaway parking burden be shared equally and equitably?

Dylan Watton


Ace is the Place

Dear Editor:

My wife, and I purchased a stainless steel dish rack at Mazzone Ace Hardware. It was not in stock, and had to be special-ordered. When it arrived, we opened it, and immediately saw that it was far too small.

Upon returning, we were told that we could not get our money back, as it was a special order. A salesgirl, who was standing nearby said: “Give them their money back, as I will buy the dish rack.” I thanked the salesgirl, for her generosity, and she said: “That's what customer service is.”

I neglected to get her name, as I would have mentioned it. I guess I was in a bit of shock, and disbelief.

Many thanks again to that salesgirl, I hope she reads this article. SHOP LOCAL! Thanks.

Bill Dickesheid



Kudos to the Cops

Dear Editor:

I want to thank the Commander of the 100th Precinct Deputy Inspector Janice Holmes for all the extra patrolling due to the increase of vehicle break-ins, which have occurred in their sectors. I've been told by residents that they have been seeing so many patrol cars in the neighborhood day and night, plus at night they even keep their lights on when they are patrolling as they did during Sandy. The few residents I've spoken to are very happy about this patrolling. Thank you very much Deputy Inspector! Keep up the great work!

Danny Ruscillo


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