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POTUS No Float Us

Dear Editor:

My first time taking the Rockaway ferry was a DISASTER!

On Saturday, December 2, I had to get into the City for dinner and a play, so thought I’d hop on the 3:30 p.m. ferry after visiting my girlfriend.

I got to the pier and lots of people were waiting, but it was a no-show boat! Plus no announcements as to why — only the “crawl” on monitor saying to go online for service alerts.

So I go to the site and it says the Coast Guard closed the East River. WHAT???? (I’m wondering if the boat hit another submerged object.) Now I’m not going to make it to my plans in time. Ugh.

I’m so frustrated that I call 311 to complain. They give me complaint info for Hornblower. Customer service claims that announcements were made. (Not while I was there along with the dozens waiting on the pier). They said I had to use their app to get info and that the river was closed because Trump was in town. Plus, they won’t refund my two tickets since they’re good for a year. Hornblower really blows!

How about real-time info on that monitor or speaker system for service delays, instead of making people go to an app? Even the subways have Countdown Clocks and garbled voice messages.

OR don’t those shuttle bus drivers know what’s happening to let passengers know? (Oh, wait, it’s not their job, right?)

OR how about an enclosed area to wait on the pier, especially in winter?

I’m left with Transportation Trauma!

Gerri Guadagno


Local Service

Dear Editor:

I recently had an accident. I brought my pick up in for repairs to Casino Auto Body at 71-02 Beach Channel Drive. They have been in business 43 years.

They were very customer friendly and very professional. Frank handled my car rental, insurance appraisal and all my questions from day one. Denis the owner was always available to answer any of my questions throughout the process. All employees were just great.

Zero complaints. The truck, when finished, looked brand new. I am very happy with the whole experience.

Shop local. You will be glad you did.

Michael Landy


What About Trump?

Dear Editor:

Can anyone explain to me why our local politicians have not appealed to President Trump regarding our jetties and sand replenishment? President Trump was born and raised in Queens. I’m sure he must have visited Rockaway sometime in his life. If we cannot get help from him, we might as well give up.

James Kelly


A Last Retort

Dear Editor:

(In response to Dylan Watton’s 11/30 letter about Beach 108th Parking): Hi Dylan, in response to your response, yes we all have to pay taxes and die LOL. I did say to you how hard it is for even me to get a parking spot here where I reside. Also, where you mention in your letter when it comes to parking uptown, nothing changes, well in my strong opinion, fair or not, nothing will change because that's the way they want it. When it comes to the accidents on Beach 108th Street and Rockaway Beach Blvd, I really liked your line: "I suppose it's a case of if a tree falls in the forest but no one's around to hear, it still makes a sound." Like I said, all the accidents (stats) and what type of accident occurred can be obtained at Councilman Eric Ulrich's office. My final statement is me, you and many others want that turn signal badly, so let's hope for the best.

Danny Ruscillo


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