Going Postal Over Post Office

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Going Postal Over Post Office

Dear Editor:

(In response to the post office letter in the Thursday, December 28 issue.) My problem is worse. I use this post office a lot, I mean truly, a lot. Starting on November 3, 2017, I mailed bills and two personal letters, both containing gift cards. The envelope arrived ripped open, cards gone. One to Brooklyn, one to Fort Washington, Maryland.

Okay, moving on…On December 3, 2017, I mailed three birthday cards. The cards  arrived with the gifts gone, this time three $50 bills. I went to the post office to complain. I mailed Christmas cards in the mailbox in front of Popeyes. All of the cards arrived, but one card going to Suffolk County, with a $20 bill inside, had been ripped open and the money was gone. I lost a lot of money and could not replace these gifts for I am on a fixed income. Mail carriers, handlers and postal workers are overpaid, and on top of that, they steal from us. Please don’t say I should not mail cash, they are paid postage for it. Why should I have to take such a great loss?

Beverly Fields


Clean Up, Courthouse

Dear Editor:

Uri Kaufman has failed to keep the promise he made at the emergency meeting I attended about two months ago with the Rockaway Beach Civic Association. He made a commitment to see to it that the sidewalks around the courthouse on Beach 90th Street would be shoveled should it snow.

My husband called Mr. Kaufman this week and left a message that the sidewalks have not been cleared. As of this writing, Mr. Kaufman has neither returned the call nor followed up. This situation creates a dangerous hazard to people trying to get to the Knights of Columbus, McDonald's, O'Connors Funeral Home, Thai Rock, Bungalow Bar, etc. People have to walk in the street because the sidewalks have not been shoveled.

On January 10th, my husband contacted 311 and filed a complaint with the Department of Sanitation.

Andrea Hurley


A Lower Dosage

Dear Editor:

(In response to last week’s Ask the Doc column on Medications and Adverse Effects) Your review of adverse drug effects lends credence to the old quote by the founder of medical practice teachings in the United States, Dr.William Osler, 100 years ago. He said, "The one who takes medicine must recover twice. Once from the medicine and once from the illness." I regularly use this quote when dealing with my patients who seem to feel they must be on many medications for their illnesses.

Unfortunately, we as a profession have been guilty of over-prescribing medications, which has only led to an increased illness burden. We need to spend time talking to our patients about their illness and then prudently offer medication. Perhaps this will lead to less prescribing.

 William Erber, MD


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