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Dear Editor:

What a wonderful article from the Jan 11, 2018 edition, "Rockaway Boys in Blue Warm a Local Senior’s Heart." I applaud Ms. Olivia Crum for being open-minded and open-hearted when she called 911 for assistance, and the responding officers carried out their duties compassionately and with a touch of humor. (The best way to handle things!). Ms. Crum states she "was given another perspective that day- that all lives matter…"  This woman said that "these two white officers responded to help an elderly black lady open her front door" and it was then that "her eyes were open to the realities of the world, that there are two sides to every story…". What an amazing woman to be willing to realize and state that! My husband served in the NYPD for 25 years, as did I for 20 years; we are extremely proud to have been a part of the NYPD. I can also say that every day, when we went out to do our jobs, we did so never ever intending to harm anyone. No police officer ever does, so when tragedy strikes, it is heartbreaking. I only hope that Ms. Crum brings her story back to her activist counterparts and asks them to try and see things through new eyes, not to just follow what the media or others say is the truth.

Kimkaye Jenkusky


Snow Coincidence

Dear Editor:

(In response to 01/11 Boyleing Points)

Here's a short story about shoveling.

My little Aunt Evie loved to shovel snow. (She's a Finn.)  She hadn't been doing much of it lately, not like in years past.

She died suddenly recently, approaching her ninety-eighth birthday. Immediately thereafter, there was a record snowfall. You may have heard about it. Evie lived in Erie, Pa.

Coincidence? Probably. Or a heck of a way to say goodbye.

Maureen McNelis


Protection Still Needed

Dear Editor:

Following up on the beachfront construction taking place in Fort Tilden.

Looking at the work continuing on this "Shore Road plan" I have to ask why the old failed bulkhead is being removed along with the dunes that covered it? They provide some protection where now there is none. By the way, this work is continuing west of the buildings and I assume will end at the parking lot.

I have also attached a picture of the roadway on the bay side of Riis Park showing the considerable damage that was done by the recent winter storms. As far as I know, there has been no significant work performed to repair the bay bulkhead wall and the storm sewers from letting bay water back flow onto the streets that occurred after Sandy.

The demo of the buildings could be justified because they may collapse and might hurt someone. Yet a reasonable priority would be to protect the only roadway to the Marine Parkway Bridge for all of the Rockaway residents east of it.



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