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Dear Editor:

Two health-related articles in the Jan. 18 issue are worth commenting on.

Boyleing Points adds humor to a very serious therapeutic health issue.

Since the time of the great physician, philosopher, Maimonides, almost a thousand years ago, the recommended treatment offered by him for the management of hemorrhoid problems has not significantly changed.

Hemorrhoids reside in the anal canal, a one-and-a-half  inch long structure at the exit of the 20-foot long intestinal tract. This canal has pockets where fecal matter can be trapped with subsequent development of inflammation leading to infection and all the complications of hemorrhoids. Maimonides stressed the importance of perianal hygiene to prevent this complication, a recommendation that continues to exist.

The bidet addresses this issue and remains an important therapeutic treatment.

For those not having a bidet, similar perianal hygiene can be accomplished with a hand held shower spray. The issue of acute diarrhea was nicely addressed by Dr. Galvin who gave a very tight discussion of a very loose subject.

He rightfully mentioned the two most common etiologies for the development of acute diarrhea, viral illness and bacterial contamination of foods. Both these illnesses rarely require more than supportive treatment with additional fluid intake and prudent diet and yet many individuals are given antibiotics and sometimes suffer the adverse consequences of this treatment.

Paying attention to Dr. Galvin’s advice will prevent many future problems from occurring. 

W. Erber MD


Between the Chuckles

Dear Editor:

I just finished reading my eagerly anticipated weekly edition (1/18/2018) of The Rockaway Times and I must say that Peter Mahon's column, "Between The Bridges,"- "Dog Duty" left me both laughing and crying at the same time. Laughing because of his description of his dog's antics before doing his duty (doody) and crying because of the memories it evoked of my previous pets' (always dogs) performance repertoires before their duty.

But mostly because this has been a very sad Christmas / New Year's for me due to losing my wife of 50 years, Linda on Dec. 1, after a long struggle with cancer, reading Peter's column tonight put a smile on my face and made a lonely old man able to laugh out loud! Keep up the most excellent work!

Thank You and Semper Fi.

Andy Rohman


Sense and Cents

Dear Editor:

In response to the letter from the person who sent gift cards and cash through the mail and everything got stolen. She said she uses the Post Office a lot. Why didn’t she just buy money orders?

About the park and shuttle bus to JFK, I think it’s a great idea. A lot of people can save money this way. Not only those who fly out of JFK, but a lot of people work at JFK and live in Rockaway. No doubt some busybody dropped a dime. NYC is very anti-business, along with the State. Maybe that’s why we lost two million residents in the last 10 years.  

Local Resident


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