Why - 80 Acres Of Nothing

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Why - 80 Acres Of Nothing

Dear Editor:

There is a lot of undeveloped land east on Beach 58th Street.  To the west is Arverne by the Sea which turned out very nicely and looks like the latest construction going up will complete that part of that area which is a good thing for Rockaway.  But what about the other way?  I remember stories about this being part of a plan called Arverne East.  I remember after Hurricane Sandy them doing some contest about plans for that end.  My curiosity got me so I googled Arverne East and this contest which was called Farroc.  There was a lot of fanfare and promises.  The winners were announced in 2013!  We’re going on five years and there’s just nothing there, nothing going on.

I did more research and see developers were basically awarded the property in 2006!

Twelve years!  People have talked about taking the courthouse back from the developer (another project that is going nowhere)!  What about the developers who have sat on 80-plus acres of prime oceanfront for twelve years?  Are they even paying taxes on this property?

It’s really a shame that nothing is being done.  Our government officials should work to get this property free and open to new developers.

D. Nasciemento


Concealed Threat

Dear Editor:

I pray for our police and anyone who tries to keep our city and neighborhoods safe.  I saw a report on “60 Minutes” which would allow people from other states to carry concealed weapons if they come to New York.  The right to conceal guns in one state would be like a driver’s license.  If you can do it in a state like Arizona or West Virginia then you could do so in New York.

At a routine stop or in a lot of situations, I don’t think police will be able to tell who is legally carrying a gun and who is just a criminal meaning to do harm.  I think this is one instance where state laws must prevail.  What’s good in some rural states won’t be good for large cities.

I hope this never comes to pass.

Pat Kavanagh


Signs Of The Times

Dear Editor:

Congratulations on your story about the city-owned parking lot being used illegally.  I drove past and saw the lot was now empty.  The sign for the “coming soon” marina is still there but it reminds me of a sign that was on Rockaway Beach Boulevard that said the world was going to end in 2012.  Point is, some signs need updating!

Keep up the good work!

Ed M.


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