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 Dear Editor:

With response to the Ferry Sensible letter in the May 19, 2016 edition of The Rockaway Times, I have a few comments. Everyone in Rockaway knows that there were many people fighting for our ferry, including Laura Deckelman. Laura worked tirelessly on getting our ferry back even when so many gave up when we lost our ferry. Laura never gave up and continued to send emails, tweets and make phone calls. She hounded the politicians for meetings and was granted them. In my opinion she is a large part of why we got the ferry back. I am sure if someone were to check the names of those who signed the petition, they would find the names of others who worked hard for our ferry. I believe Laura never asked for the dock to be named after her but it was the people who put her name forward. Saying that 1,600 signatures is a small percentage of the 100,000 people who live on the peninsula is a small percentage, but when have 1,600 people on this peninsula ever agreed on anything? Rockaway already has a tribute to those of our loved ones who died on 9/11 called Tribute Park where I go all the time and remember the fallen. Rockaway also has many heroes so how would we pick one of them if that were the way to go? My vote today, tomorrow and the day after will be for Laura Deckelman.

Kathy McLoughlin

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