Beach 94th Stairs Under Repair


Repairs already? Readers recently brought it to our attention that the staircase to the boardwalk on Beach 94th Street was undergoing construction. With the stairs only being completed two years ago, some were wondering why the work was being done, so we reached out to the Parks Department for an answer.

“Surface repairs are being made to the Beach 94th Street stairs after hairline cracks were discovered in the concrete. Both the stairway and seating areas are structurally sound, and repairs will only necessitate removing and replacing the top two-to-three inches of concrete. Access to the boardwalk ramps will remain open during repairs and we expect the work to be complete by mid-May,” Meghan Lalor, spokesperson for the Parks Department, said.

Parks believes the cracks were caused due to a combination of things such as weather fluctuations during the curing stage and the composition of the concrete mix used. In order to avoid future cracking, the new concrete will be poured under better weather conditions and a sealant will be sprayed on the stairs to minimize surface cracking.

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