Tilt for More Power


Today is the start of one of the most exciting golf tournaments of the year on the PGA Tour– The Masters.

I don’t know what it is about, this magical tournament. Perhaps it’s that on Sunday it is anyone’s game. Thanks to the last eight holes, a large lead can disappear very quickly. The 11th hole is considered the hardest hole on the course, perhaps due to its 509-yard length and its narrow tree-lined fairway. I believe it is the most difficult because it takes a 318-yard bomb off of the tee to reach the dogleg. Then the player has close to a 200-yard second shot. The drive must be perfect; a long, straight shot down the left side.

To start this year’s lesson series, let’s learn how the pros get the most out of their drivers. 

The most important element of a good drive is a good set up. Think of the golf swing as a chain reaction. The first link in the swing is the grip. The second link in the swing is the set up. The set up has to allow you to make a good turn, load on your rear foot, fire those hips, come in shallow and launch that ball at the perfect angle. 

To begin, let’s spread your feet so the inside of your feet are shoulder width apart. Place the ball on the inside of your front heel. At this point tilt forward from the pelvis to 40 degrees. It is important not to bend at the stomach, but to tilt from the hip joint, as if you are doing a yoga fold. Flex your knees a bit.

Now this is a really important tip. At this point, you want to lift your front hip up about an inch so that your spine tilts away from the target. This position allows an easy turn and allows you to load onto your rear foot. If your spine is perpendicular to the ground at address, rather than tilted, your angle of attack will be too steep on the downswing. We want the downswing to be shallow, ultimately hitting up on the ball at impact.

After turning back and when loaded on your rear foot properly, you will naturally uncoil your hips, creating a shallow approach to the ball. You will swing from the inside to out swing path and ultimately hit up on the ball and launch at the perfect angle.

Enjoy the Masters this weekend and remember to PRACTICE WITH A PURPOSE!

Kelley Brooke, LPGA Member and the owner of The Golf Channel Academy with Kelley Brooke.

 For lessons www.GolfChannelAcademyKelleyBrooke.com


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