District 32 PB Votes Are In


“So wow! Ya ever sit on a cold toilet seat in 20 degrees? Don’t worry, yoga will make ya tush better.”

Judging from that comment on a Rockaway Facebook page, some locals are not too enthused with the results from District 32’s NYC Participatory Budgeting Cycle 6 ballot. 

Another commented, “What happened to the days when elected officials made the tough budgetary choices? Fewer than 1,300 people voted and the process really allows a small group of highly-motivated people to get their project funded over a much larger group of people who are largely unaware of the election or too busy to vote.”

Through PB, some city councilmembers give at least $1M from their district’s capital discretionary budget for residents to decide where money should go. In this year’s ballot, District 32’s Rockaway and Broad Channel residents casted their vote for projects like a dog park or winterizing the public bathrooms on Beach 105th Street.

The projects that were voted in are:

Receiving 288 votes — Upgrades to our schools ($220K); 206 votes — Amenities for new playgrounds for P.S. 256 across from P.S. 114 on Beach 135 Street ($250K); 188 votes — Adult Exercise Equipment adjacent to the boardwalk along Shore Front Parkway ($175K); and with 176 votes — Creation of a labyrinth/ yoga/ meditation area along Shore Front Parkway with a price tag of $250K. Total cost: $895,500.

The projects that were not funded are:

Receiving 154 votes — Winterization of Beach 105th Street’s public bathrooms; 134 votes — Installation of security cameras at Seaside Library; 128 votes — Creation of a dog park near Beach 92nd Street.

If you didn’t participate, you can’t complain, and if you did, stay tuned for our new yoga park!

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