The Pier Theatre was built around 1904. It was located on Beach 67th Street  and the ‘Old Arverne Boardwalk.’ This theatre was a part of many “Prettification Spots” throughout the Rockaway peninsula. Located inside was a large dance hall, a theatre and a full size restaurant with seating inside and outside on the deck. The entire building was “washed-away” by a hurricane in 1914. They never rebuilt.


Today’s view is a portion of a Jamaica Bay map featuring Broad Channel drawn in what I think was about 1895 (+/-) a few years. Records say it was drawn in 1901 as a transportation map. My opinion is due to the fact that Beach Channel Station (lower right) on the bay LIRR trestle was opened in 1888, and the proposed Jamaica Bay Trolley landfill was started in 1898, then completed in 1901.The fill is not shown on this map. The Bay Trolley was never realized, and the fill became the base for the

Neponsit Avenue had a compact shopping center between Beach 145th Street and Beach 148th Street that contained about a dozen shops such as a pharmacy, hardware store, real estate office, a butcher, a Kosher butcher, women's wear, children’s wear, barber and beauty parlor, cleaner’s, tailor, groceries, fruits and veggies, toys and gifts, luncheonette, candy shop and a delicatessen. The shops were torn down for housing between 1972-1974.

The beaches of Edgemere and East Arverne bore the new erosion problem caused by the coming up of the long beach bar off the Far Rockaway beach. The beaches of Western Arverne fared a little better, but the future looked bleak as erosion was creeping slowly westward. City beach fill, a new boardwalk and more jetties came in the latter part of the late 1920’s to save the beach.


Rosemary and Theodore Eicher opened their Boat, Bait & Tackle Yard at Beach 87th Street and Beach Channel Drive (BCD) in 1933. At this spot, BCD was a ‘sort of elbow’ with Rosie’s at the crux or bending point.

The next generation of the Eicher family (Cecilia & her daughter, Madelyn) carried on the business, which lasted for 80 years until Superstorm Sandy came along. Top Photo: Eicher Family in the front yard of the Bait & Tackle Shop in the 1930’s (Rosie is the woman on the

The Neponsit Club opened in 1912 at Neponsit’s bay side in the northwest corner of the section. The new club served as a social center for the high-class west end development. A Rod & Gun Club and a Boat Club were active. A small dock went out into the bay as well. Tennis courts were built the year after opening. The club closed down in 1925.

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