The part of the Arverne Hotel Gardens closest to the Casino had different landscaping than its counterpart. The elevated walk on the front garden is at the right, as  is a separating wall or refreshment rooms with an overhead porch arrangement. There are some benches under the awning at left center. It was truly beautiful.

  • Atlantic Beach, New York, looking east.
  • Bridge to left of Atlantic Beach Hotel (top left), as is the Boulevard.
  • Bath Houses shown along the bottom.

“Just look at those Jetties…..more PROOF!!!” 


Once again, another wonderful summer season has sadly closed. Now the holidays are sneaking up fast. Today’s postcard should keep you warm and energized throughout the snow season to continue the “Battle for Jetties” in The Rockaways…and here’s the PROOF!!! It took me a while to find this postcard in my father’s HUGE collection.

This is a view of Beach 60th Street in Arverne, looking towards Rockaway Beach Boulevard from the Beachside. There was NO shortage of these beautiful hotels around the peninsula. 

These days, people might pick up something to read while waiting at the European Beauty Salon at 115-06 Rockaway Beach Boulevard. In the 1930s, people would go there just to read.  The building was the home of the Rockaway Park branch of the Queens Library. The library later moved to Beach 116th Street and today is located on the corner of Beach 117th and RBB and is called the Seaside branch.  (Thanks to James Supple for the great shots.  See for more).


The multi-level Colonial Hotel on Beach 64th Street in Arverne was built by Edward Waldman in 1904. The huge building with columned entrances contained 150 luxurious rooms that catered to the “Theatrical Prominent(s)” staying in the summer. Sol Cohen’s Black Kat Jazz Band appeared at the Colonial in the 1920’s. Herman Greer was the manager. A six alarm fire destroyed the Colonial in 1929.

Here’s a postcard view of what the boardwalk looked like 111 years ago!  Hmmm…they could have used some rock jetties then, too!


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