A trolley is stopped at the Gaston Avenue Station (Beach 67th Street), on its way to the Far Rockaway Station. The White Horse Hotel and Casino is on the left. The tower and trolley station is on the right. The “El” (elevated tracks and platforms) were constructed in 1943.


Meyer Weiss opened his famous eatery in Broad Channel for the season of 1930.

Although times were bad because the Great Depression was just beginning, Weiss’ survived. The only time operations ceased was during WWII. No gas, no cars running, no people coming down to the beaches or to eat at a roadside restaurant.

Weiss’ took a chance, reopened in the cold months of the 1943 season and stayed open all year round, 24/7 from that moment on. Gasoline rationing began easing up a bit.

This week’s

Before street improvements were made in Broad Channel, the Broad Channel Volunteer Fire Department moved men and equipment on sand streets. Pictured is the ‘Main Drag’ in infant Broad Channel (early 1900’s), Lafayette Boulevard – the present 9th Road.

By Katie Lucev, Mentored by Rockaway Beach Historian, Emil R. Lucev, Sr.

 Here we have some Breezy Point throwbacks. Notice that Mardi Gras was a tradition even back in 1921!

It was gracefully noticed that in the last few issues of The Rockaway Times, a local business must be “Honored in Rockaway Beach, NY History.”

The Hotel Pierce on Fifth Avenue (now Beach 116th Street), in Rockaway Park was built in late 1912 and opened for the 1913 season in the Rockaways.

The black and white postcard is postmarked on June 2, 1913 and many unwanted items such as the spider web of power lines, the overhead trolley power lines, as well as utility and trolley poles were washed

Today’s postcard contains four smaller views of some Rockaway locations in 1909.

  • Top Left – Curly’s Atlas Hotel on the beach at Beach 116th Street.
  • Top Right – Rockaway Beach Blvd. at Beach 84th Street – Yokel’s Hotel on the right.
  • Bottom Left – St. Rose of Lima, R.C. Church on Beach 84th Street.
  • Bottom Right – The Park Inn Hotel across from Curly’s on Beach 116th Street.

This card was printed on bromide paper in Great Britain, and published by M. Basch of Rockaway. It cost me $25 back

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