Before street improvements were made in Broad Channel, the Broad Channel Volunteer Fire Department moved men and equipment on sand streets. Pictured is the ‘Main Drag’ in infant Broad Channel (early 1900’s), Lafayette Boulevard – the present 9th Road.

Today’s postcard contains four smaller views of some Rockaway locations in 1909.

  • Top Left – Curly’s Atlas Hotel on the beach at Beach 116th Street.
  • Top Right – Rockaway Beach Blvd. at Beach 84th Street – Yokel’s Hotel on the right.
  • Bottom Left – St. Rose of Lima, R.C. Church on Beach 84th Street.
  • Bottom Right – The Park Inn Hotel across from Curly’s on Beach 116th Street.

This card was printed on bromide paper in Great Britain, and published by M. Basch of Rockaway. It cost me $25 back

This aerial oblique photo shows a old wooden jetty holding the beach from being washed away at Cedar Grove Beach, located in Staten Island. This beach is between Oakwood Beach to the south (top of photo), and New Dorp Beach to the north (bottom of photo). To the left is the Atlantic Ocean. One cannot help but ponder…what improvements the Army Corps of Engineers made there in Staten Island (circa 1900’something). The photo insert is the cover of June 1st 2017 Rockaway Times issue.


The New Belle Harbor Yacht Club published a multi-view advertising postcard in the 1920’s. The card shows ’interior views’ and ’outdoor scenes’ around the clubs domain. Interior views of the club are SUPER RARE! This picture postcard has preserved historical views beyond belief!


Erected in 1901, Arverne’s first elevated wooden boardwalk ran from Beach 74th Street on the west end to Beach 59th Street on the east end. In this view our camera is facing east at Beach 63rd Street where the bathhouses of the Waldorf Hotel can be seen. The tide is in and no one can be seen in the surf.

On the front of this postcard, can you find the beginning and end of the written message? The receiver’s address and postage are the only thing written on the back, with plenty of clear space to write on?!?!


Beach 67th Street is to the left, Beach 69th Street to the far right. A gentleman is standing on the station trolley platform. Offices and waiting room at Beach 68th Street. Kelp Road between Beach 67th and Beach 69th Street. The Majestic Hotel at far left/center on Rockaway Beach Boulevard and Beach 69th Street sector.


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