About Historian Emil R. Lucev

Rockaway Ol`times

 Rockaway Historian Emil R. Lucev Sr. began his venture into the history of The Rockaway’s back in the early 1970s. It was then that information was being gathered concerning proprietor names found embossed on the growing collection of antique Rockaway bottles found throughout the peninsula and in Jamaica Bay. What was discovered about old Rockaway astounded him!

In 1980, Emil became associated with The Wave, a Rockaway newspaper since 1893, as a historian. Emil had many articles and photos published in a weekly column in order to share his historical knowledge with all Rockawayites.

A few years ago after retirement, Emil came out once again to write a column, this time for The Rockaway Times. Emil is assisted by his daughter Katie Lucev in writing the articles “Rockaway Ol’ Times”, and will continue her Father’s legacy. So, the new venture into Rockaway’s history begins.