Rockaway Ol`times

After the New York, Woodhaven and Rockaway Beach Railroad opened its rail line over Jamaica Bay to the big Hotel at Rockaway Park in the early 1880’s, the owners began renting space on the 150 foot right of way to those who wished to build hotels and fishing stations alongside the bay trestle.

As a result, four fishing villages became fact in Jamaica Bay between the Rockaways and Howard Beach.

Going south to north from the Rockaway Peninsula were Beach Channel, Broad Channel, The Raunt and Goose Creek. Each had a station with platforms and track cross overs except the Beach Channel stop, which was very small in comparison.

The railroad trestle consisted of well over 1000 pile support sections called, ‘Bents,’ which supported the ties and track.

Each bent was tagged, beginning with number one at Howard Beach and the last number at Rockaway Beach.

This is how the railroad would keep track of spots rented out.

The original Bay Railroad became the Long Island Railroad. The NYC Rapid Transit System now runs over Jamaica Bay to the Rockaways.

Today we feature a 1912 photo of Sehy’s East Side Hotel and Fishing Station at the Raunt Village.

To the right of the ladies on the station platform are numbered pile bent uprights which show numbers 581, 580, 579 and so forth to the north end of the Raunt Station Platform.

An old ad for the East Side Hotel at the Raunt described the place as:

  • Easily reached by the L.I.R.R. Rockaway Beach Division.
  • Best accommodations for Fishermen on Long Island.
  • First Class Bar & Restaurant.
  • Good boats for .50 cents per day. Sunday & Holidays .75 cents.
  • Most central spot on Jamaica Bay. All the best fishing grounds easily reached from here.
  • Telephone, 343-L Hammels.
  • The Raunt, 46 minutes from New York.
  • Open ALL Year Round.
  • Fallert Beer on tap.