Cashless Tolling Begins FAQ's Answered


Both Rockaway bridges are now utilizing cashless tolling. The system took effect on the Marine Parkway and Cross Bay Bridges at 3 a.m. on Sunday, April 30. We’ve got answers for some questions you may have.

What is cashless tolling?

Cashless (or Open Road) Tolling is the collection of tolls from motorists who maintain posted speed limits on roads without any toll barriers, tollbooths or dedicated toll lanes. Drivers cross under a roadway gantry equipped with sensors and cameras to charge tolls via E-ZPass and Tolls By Mail, detecting classes of vehicles and applying the correct charge.

How are E-ZPass customers affected?

Nothing will change for existing E-ZPass customers. Toll charges will continue to be deducted from your E-ZPass account when your tag is read. Account replenishment options will remain the same as well: credit card, bank account debit, check, cash, MTA Cash Reload Card, and Pay Per Trip from a checking account. Make sure to list all of your vehicle license plates on your E-ZPass account to avoid receiving bills for tolls you've already paid.

Is the Rockaway Resident Rebate (RRR) program affected?

No. The RRR program is unaffected by the switch to cashless tolling.

What happens if you cross the bridges without an E-ZPass?

Customers without E-ZPass will have their license plates photographed as their vehicles pass under the overhead gantry. A Tolls By Mail bill for the non-discounted cash-rate toll will automatically be generated and sent to the registered owner of the vehicle by U.S. Mail on a 30-day cycle. You can pay these bills by mail, phone or in person, using a check, credit card, bank account or cash. Visit or call 1-844-TBM-8400 for more information.

Is there a penalty or fee for not paying a toll bill?

Failure to pay a Tolls By Mail bill may result in late fees, fines, vehicle registration suspension and other enforcement actions. To check billing status, call: 1-844-TBM-8400.

Why must your license plate be registered?

To avoid paying extra for tolls. If your E-ZPass tag is not read properly at the toll facility, cameras will photograph your license plate. If your license plate number is not registered to your E-ZPass account, you will receive a bill for the non-discounted, full-priced toll amount in the mail. But if it is registered, your E-ZPass account will automatically be charged at the normal, discounted rate. Note that the pass has to match the license plate, otherwise you will receive an extra bill.

Can the E-ZPass be mounted somewhere other than the windshield?

No. Your E-Z Pass must be mounted on the windshield, otherwise it may not be read by the antenna. If this happens, cameras will photograph your license plate, and the registered owner of your vehicle will receive a bill.

How to view your account history?

You can always check your account status by calling 1-800-333-TOLL. You can view, save or print your current toll transaction and payment information anytime by logging into your account at You can elect to receive free monthly statements by e-mail, or bi-monthly statements by mail for $6 per year.

For further questions, call 1-800-333-TOLL, or visit or speak to someone at any E-ZPass Customer Service Center.

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