New Combrr App is Nirvana for Beachgoers & Local Eateries


Lazing at the beach, hungry, but don’t want to get up?

Beach 97th Street City Sticks Parlor concessionaires and chefs at local Edgemere Farm’s Cowboy Corral, Justin Harter and Matt Blance, have developed Combrr, a mobile food delivery app, where beachcombers can order food from a Rockaway eatery and have it delivered right on the beach.

Rockaway Park resident, Blance, an avid surfer and self-described, “natural born fish,” originally from Sydney, Australia, grew up on the beach and found himself back on the beach in Rockaway. “From both living and running eateries, Anna Bow and City Sticks here in Rockaway, for a while, Justin and I bounced around the idea about creating an app, where beachgoers can order food and have it directly delivered to them as they basked on the sand.

“Finally we did it. We spent a year creating the technology, mainly focusing on how to enhance folks’ Rockaway Beach experience and also boost business for local eateries,” Blance said.

According to Blance, local and down for the day beachcombers can just download the app on their website,, drop a pin and selfie photo of what they look like, make a selection from the menus of local restaurants signed up, and of course notate their location on the beach.

As of press time, local restaurants already signed up are Peruvian rotisserie, Chicks to Go, West Indian restaurant, Goodys, Breezy’s BBQ, Beach 106th Street concession, Caracas and Mexican restaurant, Pico.

“We want more restaurants to sign up as Combrr will be a game changer for them, especially for those that aren’t on the boardwalk. They will be able to reach a diverse clientele just with this app.

“Combrr is an ideal convenience for people who just want to relax and enjoy the beach, while sampling the wonderful eclectic cuisine Rockaway has to offer, without having to hustle around looking for something to eat and queue up in long lines,” Blance said.

Beachcombers can order food and nonalcoholic beverages on Combrr. There is a flat delivery fee with optional tipping.

Local eateries looking to jump into the action can sign up at

“Any restaurant that wants to get involved, feel free to contact us. All they have to do is accept the orders once they come in,” Blance said.

A mere three weeks away, Combrr officially launches in iPhones on Memorial Day weekend.

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