New Boardwalk Concessions Coming to Edgemere


There’s a new group of boardwalk concessions coming to town. Starting weekends in July through August, walk/ bike/ carpool/ bus/ skate — EAST, or as locals would say, “downtown,” and check out the Edgemere Food Fair & Market that will feature an eclectic group of vendors selling food and novelty items from Beach 50th to Beach 30th Streets, and with the addition of live music, all of your senses will be engaged.

The brainchild behind this endeavor with the NYC Parks Department? None other than Charles Jacobs, proprietor of Dred Surfer Grill, well-known for his sumptuous beach fare of standard burgers and hot dogs, not to mention Caribbean savory specialties like jerk chicken on Beach 17th Street.

“I was able to secure this five-year contract with the Parks Department to run these concessions,” Jacobs said. “I want to show that the east end of the peninsula can generate and attract as much activity that is so centered around Rockaway Beach. The east end is more centrally located near several train lines and bus stops, and not to mention, our beaches are more pristine. Beach 30th for example, in my opinion, is one of the most beautiful and clean beaches on the peninsula, but folks don’t know that. Unless they come and indulge in the experience, the east end remains under the radar,” Jacobs said.

Jacobs said that he’s looking for more vendors to sign up. He’s currently seeking food, apparel, craft and jewelry vendors. “For those looking to sell food, they have to get a special event permit from the NYC Health Department. NYC has standard strict requirements when it comes to vending food. For those who want to sell novelty items, they should also get a vending permit to protect themselves with filing taxes and such. Our vending fee is reasonable, starting from $60 up to $70 for the entire season,” Jacobs said.

For interested vendors, present your price list and itinerary of items offered to Jacobs via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact him via Facebook at: edgemerefoodfair or Instagram at edgemerefoodfair. The deadline to apply is June 16.

Nicole Russell, proprietor of Last Dragon Pizza will be one of the concessionaires in the Edgemere Food Fair & Market. “Most of Rockaway’s population resides in the east end, and we just want residents — both east and west —and those down for the day, to experience the beauty of the beaches in this area. The Edgemere Food Fair & Market is just going to be about enjoying the beautiful beach, and indulging in great food and some retail therapy on the boardwalk’s east end. This summer is going to be a magical experience for all of us,” Russell said.

Be on the lookout for more fun with Dred Surfer this summer. This August 19, Dred Surfer Grill in collaboration with Senator James Sanders office and the Parks Department, will be hosting a Caribbean Carnival with participants adorned in colorful costumes, festively parading down the east end of the boardwalk, all to the tune of tropical soca music. Keep reading The Rockaway Times for more details on how to sign up, get your costume and join in the “wine up” down the boardwalk!

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