“Look at all the young people and isn’t it a beautiful thing.” That was Bette Anne Howard’s comment to me as we witnessed the stunning Kelly Magee getting married to Patrick Vesey in SFDS by Father Jim Cunningham.

The church was packed and full of vibrant, young people. These are the best years of their lives. I hope they know it, but if they are anything like me, they will not know how good they have it until later on in life.  They have stamina, strength, health and beauty. Life is just really beginning with jobs, weddings, children, etc. This is their time to soar and I hope all their dreams come true.  It is a blessing to have this life.

At Kelly’s wedding, I witnessed for the first time in my life, grandparents celebrating their

Recognize and note the signs of overload. Feeling tired. Not knowing where you are for a second. Feeling drained. Feeling down. Overload is different from stress, yet needs attention just as much because it could be the underlying cause of stress, which we all know by now is detrimental to a good, happy life.

First thing to do is to note the cause or causes of overload.  Often it’s a buildup:  needs of work, family, friends, pets, organizations you belong to, etc. etc. Fill it in. Note it all

I was inspired today when I asked someone how she was feeling and she responded by saying, “I love the life I live!”  This, coupled with a friend’s reminder to be in the flow and not resist, got me thinking. 

How many of us can shout from the top of a mountain: I LOVE THE LIFE I LIVE!  The ability to go with the flow, not resist and adjust to change can create inner harmony and cause this wonderful sentiment to well up from deep within. There is pain and suffering in life, no doubt about that

Winter days in Rockaway.  So many cloudy days and rainy days and some snow.  And cold.  Just makes you want to take a comfy seat and wait – wait until the sun and the warmth comes back.  Lesson learned from my Mom who just turned 90 on the 11th of February: you have to move.  That means one thing to one person who is say, 25, and another thing to someone who is 90.  Despite my Mom’s setbacks – after all, her body has been in its infinite working beauty for 90 years – she still says, “I have to

Our heart is at the center of our being human. In the heart is where our deepest thoughts, intuitions, emotions and decisions find their source. We often fail to know our hidden centers and so we live and die without knowing who we really are. Have you ever looked into the mirror and asked yourself, “Who am I?”  You are not the body, you are not your mind, you are not your title such as wife, husband, mother, father, sister, brother, friend, etc.  You are so much more.

Recently, I took the

We live in a very special place and I think we all treasure and know how beautiful and strong our community has become. To have joy in your life is a choice you make. Yes, we have loss, trauma, drama and all sorts of crazy things that happen in life, but in the end, as our dear friend Andy Israel reminds us with his famous quote, “Life is about joy.” So how do you find joy when life becomes really tough?  When we lose our loved ones, deal with a sickness, become depressed or can’t find

To be human is to feel for one another. We are big. There is so much we can offer to one another and yet we get stuck in our own world. So much suffering and yet we ignore our surroundings until it hits home. To raise a child is not an easy job, to raise a compassionate human being is a gift. I have three children: two boys and a girl. My boys were exposed to bullying and my daughter did her best to stay clear of mean girls.  She will be a nurse and I believe will do great things. I did not

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