As we move forward into spring, we begin to peel off the layers of clothes, shoes, excess weight needed for the cold winter months (at least that’s my excuse for adding some extra weight on my body) and the winter boots. We love seeing the flip-flops and slip-on shoes outside the studio doors. It warms our hearts to feel the sunshine come in the windows and to lower the heat. There is nothing like the fresh air off the water. Ahh, breathing in I feel light, breathing out I am light.

Sometimes we acquire too much clothing in our closets. It happens slowly and surely. The holiday gifts, the special occasion outfits, the sales, etc. Cleaning out and letting go can be really hard especially if an item has a sentimental value. My rule of thumb

We can most times, change things for the better that are maybe dragging down our energy and zest for living. Why does it sometimes take a big blow to plan for a change? We take what is put on our plates and do it day after day without really thinking about it. We don’t think about whether or not it is right for us and if there are any other possibilities. 

What do we really “have” to do?  We really “have” to take care of ourselves - when we are happy, healthy and whole, we can take care of

As a guest writer this week, we welcome my dearest sister, Janet Fash to share her story. Anyone that knows Janet recognizes her as the civil activist, chief lifeguard, school teacher, but most of all, one of the most authentic people you will ever meet. She is always saving lives and helping people. A true warrior and one of the strongest women I have ever known. My best friend, my heart and soul. Love her (Helen Kilgallen).


As a community whose backyard is the beach, we enjoy lots of

We start our yoga class with our palms together at our heart center in Anjali Mudra, a prayer-like gesture. It is also known as Namaste, a common yoga greeting meaning, “I acknowledge that the light in my heart and the light in your heart are the same.”

We are grateful to have this simple practice called yoga that calls on all human beings everywhere to be happy, healthy and peaceful.  There are no expectations, no judgements, no perfection, we are just trying to support one another and feel

March 1 is Ocean Bliss Yoga’s One Year Anniversary at the beautiful Belle Harbor Yacht Club. It is hard to believe one year has gone by. We are thankful to John McCann and the entire BHYC board members for welcoming us into their home. It is a beautiful place and we are honored to serve our community. Our intention was to create a sacred space where one could come to connect to body, mind and spirit in a very special way helping one to find peace and balance. Thank you for helping us to build

The most amazing thing about life is love.  In all of its forms, shapes, intensities and colors.  The symbol of love is the heart shape and contained within this is compassion, gratitude, generosity and forgiveness. 

Compassion:  acting in genuine concern for others

Gratitude: acknowledging blessings, showing appreciation and kindness

Generosity: giving on a grand scale in a quiet way

Forgiveness: freeing oneself of dissatisfactions and resentments and shifting to overcome

These are tall

When stuff happens, it is very hard to focus on anything positive. Yet, we always, always have positive things in our lives. We get caught up in whatever buttons are pressed or whatever seems to be wrong or whoever seems so self-righteous. And we have to deal with it.  We lose sight of what is miraculous, what is truly enjoyable, what is perfect. Maybe it is human nature. I don’t know. What I do know is through more awareness on my part, I am able to stop and focus on something positive to help

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