We live in a very special place and I think we all treasure and know how beautiful and strong our community has become. To have joy in your life is a choice you make. Yes, we have loss, trauma, drama and all sorts of crazy things that happen in life, but in the end, as our dear friend Andy Israel reminds us with his famous quote, “Life is about joy.” So how do you find joy when life becomes really tough?  When we lose our loved ones, deal with a sickness, become depressed or can’t find something to be happy about.

Reach out to friends, family and acquaintances for help. We are here for each other and more than happy to be of service in some way or form.  The block where I live is full of amazing people who are very much like family to me

Winter days in Rockaway.  So many cloudy days and rainy days and some snow.  And cold.  Just makes you want to take a comfy seat and wait – wait until the sun and the warmth comes back.  Lesson learned from my Mom who just turned 90 on the 11th of February: you have to move.  That means one thing to one person who is say, 25, and another thing to someone who is 90.  Despite my Mom’s setbacks – after all, her body has been in its infinite working beauty for 90 years – she still says, “I have to

We take in everything through our sense organs: eyes, nose, ears, skin, tongue – to give us taste, feel, hearing, smell and sight.  Carefully selecting what surrounds us can add to our well-being. Obviously, if we are on a subway or driving or whatever, we cannot select what makes its way to our senses, but what we can select is what affects our senses in our personal spaces: homes, cars, workplaces.

We can create a comfort zone, in a sense, that helps when we have to process hardships

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.” -Marianne Williamson.

My favorite quote that often resonates with many people. As I decide to roll out my mat on this early Saturday morning, I realize I am enough. There is a connection to my Source that awakens me every morning. I say thank you for this day, this moment, this life. One day at a time, as I know in my heart there

To be human is to feel for one another. We are big. There is so much we can offer to one another and yet we get stuck in our own world. So much suffering and yet we ignore our surroundings until it hits home. To raise a child is not an easy job, to raise a compassionate human being is a gift. I have three children: two boys and a girl. My boys were exposed to bullying and my daughter did her best to stay clear of mean girls.  She will be a nurse and I believe will do great things. I did not

About Electricity

If you are sitting in a room somewhere reading this, look around and notice all of the out-lets on the wall, the lighting fixtures on the ceiling, lamps, etc. They all either carry or run on electricity. Now let’s consider one of those outlets or even a lamp that is not “on” right now. Think about this for a minute. All you have to do is flip the switch, and the lamp goes “on,” or plug your smartphone into the wall outlet and presto, the current that is in the wires running

Empathy: the capacity to feel the emotions of others as one’s own.  This is the glue that binds people.   The first yoga class that I taught at Ocean Bliss was based on this very powerful word. I needed to feel the emotions and physical limitations with my students.  My intention was simply to connect to everyone in the room and adjust my teachings when it was needed.  If I were to put myself in their shoes how would I feel? Can we meet the students where they are? It can be challenging in an

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