Have you ever had one of those AHA moments that Oprah has talked about? Wayne Dyer, an American philosopher and spiritual guru who recently passed in 2015, had them too, except he called them quantum moments where a shift in your heart, mind and soul happens. It’s like the trifecta of human consciousness and this is where they say miracles can happen. Anytime there is a shift in our perception it removes the veil of fear, guilt and hate in the mind, giving us a short, sweet glimpse of the timeless peace and joy we are born into, and which is our rightful inheritance.

Wayne Dyer was a professor at St. John’s University here in Queens. He was up for the coveted tenured position there when he decided to leave, although it went against all

Recently I witnessed a bartender listening with a smile on his face to several tirades of a guest whose every other word was the F-word. Just the way he talked. And everything bothered him, obviously because he kept on using the word. This one said this and that one did that and on and on. The bartender listened, smiled, said a word or two and moved on. I asked the bartender why the guy talked like that and wasn’t he offended by his manner and language. The bartender said with a smile “It takes

Ocean Bliss Yoga had its fortunate beginnings in Mrs. Elaine’s Dance Studio.  It is with sadness and joy that we remember Elaine especially in May when we honor mothers and the “mother” in all of us.  We are participating in a collaborative effort: Project:OM hosted by Manduka (a yoga specialty mat, clothing and accessories company) and Susan G. Komen (breast cancer research organization) by scheduling a donation-based class on Friday, May 12, 6 to 7:15 p.m. at the Studio on the third floor of

Most of us have come to a point in life where our greatest necessity is peace of mind. The half waking and half dreaming state is a potential area for human power.  The practice of yoga nidra or deep relaxation is a tool to unlock the doorway to find peace within and build resilience against stress. We all have this potential, but in our modern world we have lost the point of balance and harmony. It has been said that the greatest threat to our faith and inner peace is distraction.  We live in

Studying different yoga texts, we come across Sanskrit words that encourage us to think and focus. “Sangha” means community. There are many different places to go where you feel supported and at one with yourself and others. Practicing together and sharing ideas about life itself is uplifting and healing for so many. What is feeding your soul? Book clubs, yoga classes, boot camps, etc.  It’s not always a love fest and yet we make the commitment to show up for one another. You may belong to a

My parents raised seven children and gave us everything. They were there for us throughout all the trials and tribulations one goes through while growing up. Yes, they chose to have us all. We did not owe them anything, but we knew there was an obligation to care for them in sickness or health. They brought us into this world and provided us with a safe home with love and affection. We were a family that stood by one another and tried to do the right thing. Unfortunately, my mom at the young

Whenever I hear the word hope spoken, I think of the word faith.  One who has hope has the power to believe. The definition of hope is a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. Hope is a positive way of thinking. The opposite is hopeless. Choose to have hope and it will make all the difference. Hoping for something to happen is similar to saying a prayer or setting an intention. We hope for the best and prepare for the worst. 

I try to stay hopeful every day of my life

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