Summer always seems to come upon us quickly and before you know it, Fourth of July is here.  The beginning of the summer is busy:  making plans for all sorts of activities, celebrations, reunions, get-togethers.  That has all been done!  Now is the time to rest. When I first started dealing with Italy for business and then visiting, on holiday, I loved the fact that everything closed in August!  It is changing now, but one whole month was devoted to rest, relaxation and holiday. I think it is so great to have that embedded in a culture.

At our yoga studio, the pose of the month is “savasana” (corpse pose).  It usually comes at the end of a yoga class.  The form or shape of the pose is lying on the mat, legs apart, arms to the side, palms

“Thank you for every beautiful day of the week and the hellish days, too. Thank you for chaos, so that we may know disorganization as a friend and motivator and find peace there. Thank you for urging us to create time for sitting in it. Help us to breathe in the unknown and breathe out peace with what will come.” - Pixie Lighthorse.

As we embark on a new school year, new beginnings, and the fear that comes with changes, I urge you to sit quietly and contemplate your goals and intentions in the

As you read this column I am on a retreat in Vermont with my daughter Kayla with a group of yogis from Jaya Yoga in Park Slope, my home town. I have gone on this retreat before and it has been one of the most uplifting experiences of my life. We will not know most of the people but will become friends in a short time. It is a lifetime experience without a doubt, and I am with my best friend.

Park Slope is a connection I am very proud of since my roots are from this wonderful neighborhood where

Speaking words of gratitude will bring you happiness and your world will become a bit brighter. You will begin to see things in a different way and your burden will lighten. We are here in gratitude for the blessing of life. Looking around we see love in all things. Sometimes we need to be reminded of all the good things we have in this world. 

Start by greeting each day with a breath of fresh awareness. When you awaken, find the time to say a simple thank you for this day. Think of your

Yesterday morning while guiding a yoga class in a room not quite humidity-free, I found some in front of me struggling while moving through the heat. It wasn’t a heated yoga class, and we never have a cold room, just comfortable. Yesterday morning it was not. It was taking a long time to come to a comfortable temperature.  I reminded them to come to the breath to get through the difficulty – physically, mentally, emotionally. 

Awareness of the act of breathing, to me, the art of breathing

I get a deep sense of pleasure from watching vegetables grow.  Well, I don’t actually watch them but witness the changes in height, fullness and strength. Summer is an abundant time in my backyard.  Even though I don’t have a lot of time to tend, everything seems to flourish, weeds included.  Every spring, I have a new “landscape” and I look forward to tenderly transporting seedlings into the ground and then joy in the growth.  Of course I enjoy the fruits of the plants – but the joy for me is

June is a month where a lot seems to happen in my family, and this year is no exception. It started well this year, as I celebrated 12 months without an alcoholic drink, which in some ways was less challenging than I expected because I have friends taking this adventure along with me, and it was so nice to feel healthy, clear-headed and full of energy. Even at dawn!

I have really enjoyed some beautiful sunrises over the ocean, which is absolutely the best way to start the day. Then I went on

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