All You Need Is Love

Be Well Be Happy

 Last week in my yoga classes, we focused on the fourth chakra which is located at the heart center. (According to yoga philosophy, there are seven chakras or energy centers aligned up the spine that move vital energy through the body.)  The quality of our thoughts can directly control how each energy center functions.  I believe that by affirming the core issues of the chakras, profound changes can take place.  Also,  emphasizing balance of the energy centers, rather than opening them, is more centered and stable.

The core issues associated with the heart chakra, anahata, are self-forgiveness, compassion and universal love.  The first is for oneself, the second is for others and the third is for the world.  Focus and understand how each issue resonates within, not by thinking but by feeling with the intelligence of the heart. 

is a Hawaiian practice of love and forgiveness. “I Love You, I'm Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You.” Relating this to self-forgiveness, “I’m sorry” has to do with saying you’re sorry for whatever predicament you are in that you have caused.  Just acknowledging it.  We are responsible for what we say and do so to a great extent we are where we are because of our own words, thoughts, actions.  If it is not a good place, just say “I’m sorry.”

Then ask, “Please forgive me”.  You’re really asking yourself.  Say it over and over and feel the heaviness lift.  “Thank you” – just say it.  You are thanking yourself, whoever, whatever.  Just say it.  Lastly say, “I love you” to yourself.  Now that could be a hard one.  Practice it and let it become a part of you.

Compassion, the second attribute of the heart chakra, has to do with feeling for others.  Once again, this has to be balanced.  Feeling and taking in too much may be overwhelming, but really feeling for others, leads to helping them.  Just for the sake of helping them.  No agenda.  No ego.  Just the purity of being compassionate and acting on that compassion. 

Universal love – what is that?  It is the intention that one’s strong feeling of love can reach to the far corners of the earth.  To each child that is suffering.  To each town that has been struck with tragedy.  To each person in each place that needs love and affection.  Imagine millions of us intending that? 

“Generating love is a much more enjoyable pastime, and compassion has a much higher vibration...” – D. R. Butler.  Indeed.  It is win-win.  We feel good and we give good through love and kindness.  That is the state of being once there is balance. That is the message and the meaning of the heart energy at the center of our bodies. 

“Love is all you need.” – The Beatles

May you be happy.  May you be free.  May you be grateful.  May you let go of things that do not serve you.  May you have inner peace.

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