Compassion is Our Lifeline

Be Well Be Happy

To be human is to feel for one another. We are big. There is so much we can offer to one another and yet we get stuck in our own world. So much suffering and yet we ignore our surroundings until it hits home. To raise a child is not an easy job, to raise a compassionate human being is a gift. I have three children: two boys and a girl. My boys were exposed to bullying and my daughter did her best to stay clear of mean girls.  She will be a nurse and I believe will do great things. I did not teach her to be compassionate. It was truly in her makeup. Easy-going, quiet and always smiling. Every day I thank my daughter for teaching me to be kind and non-judgmental.  As many parents teach their kids, do the right thing even when no one is looking. Be good to one another.

Recently, on Facebook, there was a video about bullying. We all have experienced this whether as a child growing up or with our children in school or playing outside.  There is a fine line between wanting to intervene and allowing the growing pains to happen. Unfortunately, this bullying can scar a child, making them feel inferior and have low self-esteem.  It is our job as adults to stop the bullying. There are programs to teach children how it feels to be bullied. I believe it should be a mandatory program for all schools.  When I taught teen yoga we always incorporated a theme of being kind to one another. All yoga classes teach us to be aware and accepting of one another.

This month I will be focusing on the “metta” meditation practice in my yoga classes that I teach and for my own personal practice. It is simple and yet so powerful. You repeat silently to yourself, “May I be happy, may I be healthy and may I live with ease.” You silently repeat it over and over, again and again until you move on to send these good wishes to someone else who you love. “May you be happy, may you be healthy and may your live with ease.” Again repeating it many times before moving on to say it silently to someone you hardly know, and then finally you bring into mind someone you don’t really like or get along with and begin to repeat these words silently to them. You become very much at peace and most certainly compassionate to all beings. It is an amazing meditation practice for loving kindness towards yourself and others. I wish all children everywhere could be happy, healthy and at ease.

Childhood should be the best time of life, however, just like life itself, it can be a struggle. “Understand through compassion or you misunderstand the times.” Yogi Bhajan. Compassion is our only way forward. Allow your minds to be guided by your hearts. How can one teach our children to be compassionate? Be a role model for your children. They absorb everything they see and hear.

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