Be Well Be Happy

I was inspired today when I asked someone how she was feeling and she responded by saying, “I love the life I live!”  This, coupled with a friend’s reminder to be in the flow and not resist, got me thinking. 

How many of us can shout from the top of a mountain: I LOVE THE LIFE I LIVE!  The ability to go with the flow, not resist and adjust to change can create inner harmony and cause this wonderful sentiment to well up from deep within. There is pain and suffering in life, no doubt about that, but, like everything else, it is how we choose to deal with it that makes the difference for our inner landscapes.  Imagine your inner thinking feeling being as a landscape. It can be barren and dark and colorless, or it can be fruitful, light and bright with all the colors of the rainbow. There are hummingbirds and butterflies and whatever else you can imagine. 

Not to resist the flow of life is the key to good health.  As my friend says, “True health is the ability to adjust to change. Clinging causes pain and suffering.”  Pondering this, I realize that it is really the approach that makes the difference.  When something happens which causes pain and suffering, it is natural to react and be sad and grieve, etc., etc.  But it is the belief that there is a process of getting through that pain and suffering that sets us free.  There is an end to it, an adjustment to the change that could occur if we let it, a letting go.

Allowing the flow to prevail, and not the resistance, has to be healthier.  The resistance in our minds and hearts has to have an effect on the physical body.  Resistance causes tension and holding, and we become solid.  Since we are in a constant state of movement within, the belief of “flow” allows the positive energy to be, and move around the physical body.  Of course, it does have to come from our heart space. We can’t just think that we want to be positive or let things go, and not resist.  It has to be heartfelt.  How do we get there?

Try this exercise:  lie down and tense all of your muscles, including your face and hands and feet and every­thing. This is what resistance feels like in the heart. Now let it go and relax. This is what flow feels like. Which feels better to you? This is a physical manifestation of resisting and flowing. Now take it to your inner landscape and see if you can feel which state you are in now.

Conscious effort may be required at first not to hold on to what is no longer real. Then allowing life to unfold in its constant state of flux will eventually feel natural.  And, you will come to being healthy and happy.

All roads lead to happiness and peace, it’s just the getting there.

May you be happy.  May you be free.  May you be grateful.  May you let go of things that do not serve you.  May you have inner peace. 

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