The Young and Beautiful

Be Well Be Happy

“Look at all the young people and isn’t it a beautiful thing.” That was Bette Anne Howard’s comment to me as we witnessed the stunning Kelly Magee getting married to Patrick Vesey in SFDS by Father Jim Cunningham.

The church was packed and full of vibrant, young people. These are the best years of their lives. I hope they know it, but if they are anything like me, they will not know how good they have it until later on in life.  They have stamina, strength, health and beauty. Life is just really beginning with jobs, weddings, children, etc. This is their time to soar and I hope all their dreams come true.  It is a blessing to have this life.

At Kelly’s wedding, I witnessed for the first time in my life, grandparents celebrating their granddaughter’s wedding. They walked into the reception hall with such pride and joy.  I thought to myself, how incredible is it for Joan and Joe Toal to be at their granddaughter’s wedding? They have been part of her life since Day 1.  She has been blessed to have grandparents throughout her entire life, and now they are celebrating her wedding day.  This is truly a blessing. Extraordinary and inspiring.  At the end of Joe’s toast to Kelly and Patrick, he said, “God Bless America.” He is a true patriot and has passed this on to his children and grandchildren.  There were many people from all walks of life at this celebration. I was honored to be at my best friend’s daughter’s wedding.

I am now sitting at the grown-up table and for the most part enjoying it. Yes, I would like to be carefree and young again, but I already did that, so I am ok sitting out a few dances now and again. I actually enjoy getting older and feeling a bit wiser. I am embracing it all. Hoping one day to see my own children marry and settle down, but that is down the road if they choose to do so. All we ever really want for our children is to be happy and healthy. Over and over we will pray for them to be safe, happy and at peace. 

I couldn’t help but think of my good friend Paulette Mancuso’s Mom when I was at the wedding, because I had borrowed a beautiful beaded pouch from Paulette that belonged to her Mom. Back in her Mom’s day they had formals once a month where they dressed up like they were going to a ball.  As I held her bag, I tried to visualize the elegance and beauty of her Mom gracefully carrying the clutch bag. It held a special energy for me knowing Paulette’s Mom used this bag 50 or 60 years ago and was part of a much different generation. It isn’t just a pretty bag, there is a history behind it. 

Life has changed in so many ways for so many of us. The young do not have formals like that. The boys do not call on our daughters to go out on a date. The dances are gone. Yes, it is wonderful to see all the young, beautiful people but I am afraid they do not have what our past generations have had. I hope one day it all comes back and the young live free of worry, stress and conflict.

At the end of the evening the young, beautiful adults were full of life and energy. The other half were drinking decaf coffee and enjoying the cake. Life is full circle. One day they will be in our shoes and the next generation will hopefully be as happy and healthy as this one.

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