Be Well Be Happy

Whether you worry or not, the situation is still the same. Whether you worry about the traffic you are in, the effect of a storm on the horizon, a medical test result, a son or daughter traveling, a person in dire need, the situation is the same. When in the state of worry, you are no good to yourself or to anyone else. You are no good to yourself because the worry is manifesting negativity inside of you and your cells, your entire being is in a state of uneasiness. You are no good to anyone else because you cannot offer genuine comfort, ease and a peaceful approach to something in life that happens with no apparent rhyme or reason. 

Worry: anxiety arising from cares and troubles. We all have cares and troubles – if not all of the time, from time to time all throughout our lives. There is a fragile side to life in all of its forms resulting in some less than perfect times. That’s the way it is. Worry causes us to be stuck; moving through the less than perfect times is longer with worry. 

What does worry feel like anyway? I imagine it is something like a thought obsession – some non-beneficial thought that keeps on coming back and clutches on for a period of time that has no answer, no logical conclusion, nothing. Just thought that is void of any meaning and keeps us from thinking, feeling, saying, doing positive things. And emotionally wreaks havoc on peace, ease, stability. There is no clarity – things are out of focus, so we’re on the fence: what to do?  how to act? 

What can you do when worry inches its way into your consciousness? Stop it.  Repeat the contrary-worry thought, whatever it is for the particular worry, over and over again until the seat of your emotions begins to be at ease. Let that worry thought go – bye.  And settle into what it feels like with no worry. Acceptance that life offers an abundance of cares and troubles, and also offers an abundance of joys and delights. 

There are perfect times in moments. Driving in the worst traffic jam when you’re already late has a moment of perfection when a song comes on the radio that has a special meaning.  Connecting with a health professional when you are going through a test and sharing a smile is a moment of perfection. Squeezing the arm of a person who just lost a loved one, engaging their eyes – I’m here for you – is a moment of perfection. 

Dwell on the perfect.  Dwell on the perfect moments.  Dwell means “live in.”  So live in the perfect moments.  Be here now.  A journey, one step at a time.  A life, one moment at a time. 

May you be happy. May you be free. May you be grateful. May you let go of things that do not serve you. May you have inner peace. 

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