Be Well Be Happy

Ocean Bliss Yoga had its fortunate beginnings in Mrs. Elaine’s Dance Studio.  It is with sadness and joy that we remember Elaine especially in May when we honor mothers and the “mother” in all of us.  We are participating in a collaborative effort: Project:OM hosted by Manduka (a yoga specialty mat, clothing and accessories company) and Susan G. Komen (breast cancer research organization) by scheduling a donation-based class on Friday, May 12, 6 to 7:15 p.m. at the Studio on the third floor of the Belle Harbor Yacht Club, in honor of Elaine.  This yoga class will be open to everyone. No experience necessary. Come one, come all. We will guide you in a healing yoga class with gentle awareness. It is a great honor to host an event that will support breast cancer research. There is healing in coming together as a community and setting an intention for a CURE.  (For more information, go to

While we usually use this space in The Rockaway Times to offer ideas and feelings in a “be well, be happy” vein, it feels right to bring awareness to this project because of our connection to Elaine and because of the many people we know in our community who have been touched by this disease. We can only bring our hearts and minds to a focused intention: to overcome. Energy follows intention. So let’s put out a strong unified intention not only on May 12 and Mother’s Day weekend, but every day of the month – whenever it comes to mind. “project:OM is a mindful movement to drive positive change on an epic level.”

This time is also a reminder to be there for those who are going through any type of illness, depression, harsh times. Taking a few moments to think about what a person might need or want individually, and then carrying it through is not only for that person, it also promotes a flourishing of goodness within ourselves. And when we feel good, we are more and more inclined to give more to others. It is a wonderful circle of giving, connection and moments of happiness. It is important to think about what the person might want or need, and not just what we want to give. (Like buying someone a pink sweater – your favorite color – and then realizing “oops, she detests the color pink!”)  Mindfulness in everything we do, say and feel is a practice. Calling out all of the habits that have come about through the years, making an effort to “be” a different way and be mindful of each and every act, word, thought and feeling is a mighty aspiration, but worth working towards on a daily basis.

Let’s join together this month to remember and put forth support for this project and other organizations that do great work on behalf of each one of us. 

May you be happy. May you be free. May you be grateful for what you have and what you do not have. May you let go of things that do not serve you. May you have inner peace.

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