Be Well Be Happy

Studying different yoga texts, we come across Sanskrit words that encourage us to think and focus. “Sangha” means community. There are many different places to go where you feel supported and at one with yourself and others. Practicing together and sharing ideas about life itself is uplifting and healing for so many. What is feeding your soul? Book clubs, yoga classes, boot camps, etc.  It’s not always a love fest and yet we make the commitment to show up for one another. You may belong to a few communities such as your church, temple, gym, yoga studio, bicycle crew, etc. These gatherings are instrumental in promoting a healthy attitude and lifestyle.

Recently, I decided to join the YMCA because I really love to swim. It is a beautiful facility with so much to offer. For now, the pool is the place to which I am drawn. I do prefer a small personalized gym like Rockaway Gliders for spin, pilates and boot camp classes. And naturally there is nothing that compares to practicing yoga in a studio setting with like-minded people.  But everyone has their own preferences and I respect this. Small facilities promote a closer-knit community in my opinion. You are not just a body, you are treated as an individual and they know your name.

In a small community you share life’s experiences and you become like family.  Before you know it, you are planning lunches, dinners and vacations/retreats. It is definitely so much more than just a gym membership. You share health tips, experiences, both struggles and celebrations.  You have a support group who shares their experiences with one another to help and heal.

Many of us feel blessed to be in a community of like-minded individuals. We are committed in sharing space with one another for growth and stability in our health. The road to happiness is one of ease and simplicity. Acceptance and honesty are important when creating this space with one another. Laughter and tears are also part of the journey.  Life is never easy without struggles and sadness, but we stay together throughout it all. We become the safe place to go to. 

My first community was my family with my Mom and Dad raising seven children in a loving, supportive home. We went to church every Sunday and gathered as a group to pray for the good of all mankind. My parents taught us to respect one another and always be honest. Help those less fortunate than yourself and make friends with everyone. Be happy and content with whatever you have. Have faith and believe in humanity. Stay close to one another and live well. My family has grown and I have my own children who I have tried to instill the same values. I am blessed to have an extended family with friends, neighbors and yogis. Life has been very good to me and my intention is to share what I have been given. “Community” is vital to a healthy life. Find one that supports your interests and become part of something that will enrich your life and others. I have found a beautiful community at Ocean Bliss Yoga where there is healing, love and respect for one another.

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