Be Well Be Happy

Going on a retreat is a special time for yourself to withdraw from the normal everyday life and cocoon, so that you emerge ready to return to life with a new perspective. It can be one of the most uplifting experiences. Pausing and stepping off the hamster wheel. Retreat time in the mountains at Menla Retreat House allows time to relax, meditate, practice yoga and live in a community with like-minded people who support and guide you on this journey called life.

To be silent is to listen to your inner workings. The true teacher is within your own interior landscape.  All you have to do is become quiet to access it. Unplug from the materialistic world and be with yourself.

Self-care is a necessary practice that allows you to feel whole and healthy. For one thing, you are taking time out for yourself and learning to take care of your mental and physical body. Often on retreats there is a period of silence offering you time to just be with yourself. No distractions of cell phones, deadlines, relationships or media.

We begin to dive deep into our joys, sorrows and fears. It can be painful during silence, but at the same time there can be a release of emotions and attachments. You begin to hear the birds singing, you take deep breaths smelling the flowers, grass and earth. You connect to nature and realize we are all one. Taking a walk in the woods in silence, you hear all the sounds of nature. It is empowering to embrace it all.  You connect to your soul and all other beings in silence.

Often there is a spa, similar to our very own Spa Rockaway, where you can receive amazing massage treatments and other services. It is truly a gift to yourself when you have these services. The spa at Menla Mountain Retreat House is spectacular with massage therapists coming from all over the country to serve the guests. The first year I did not get a massage, but since then I have booked one every year and it has made all the difference for me.  Some people have enough just being at the retreat and spending quality time in nature. They are happy to just be in retreat mode.

Retreats often take place in humble dwellings with simple vegetarian food from the garden. We eat off the land, take hikes in the mountains, spend time in contemplation and enjoy one another’s company. There is such richness in simplicity. Shedding our layers of armor, we begin to become alive and whole again. We come back home with renewed energy and start fresh. The most beautiful thing about going on a retreat is that you find yourself and know that everything is going to be ok because you trust and believe. Learning to pause, listen, and breathe will open your eyes to your beautiful life. 

We are blessed to have this one life to live. One day at a time, one moment, one breath. May you be calm, may you find peace and may you be full of love.

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