Be Well Be Happy

I get a deep sense of pleasure from watching vegetables grow.  Well, I don’t actually watch them but witness the changes in height, fullness and strength. Summer is an abundant time in my backyard.  Even though I don’t have a lot of time to tend, everything seems to flourish, weeds included.  Every spring, I have a new “landscape” and I look forward to tenderly transporting seedlings into the ground and then joy in the growth.  Of course I enjoy the fruits of the plants – but the joy for me is really the growing process.

Life lessons present themselves when observing the garden.  Two seedlings of the same variety of tomato from the same farm yield dramatically different results.  One may be very tall, the other short. Every plant has its own DNA.  Imagine that every plant on the planet has its own DNA.  Every single living thing is unique in its makeup, affecting the form, shape and appearance.  This diversity is what makes life on earth so wondrous.  Acknowledging the uniqueness in every other person then, is a nod to the essence of the spirit that is common in each living thing.  What we sometimes call “the divine within” when we speak about humans, meaning the thread that connects everything living.

We have a physical growth – growing up to adult stage – and an inner growth, which, with awareness and cultivation, can be fruitful until we leave this life. There is always room to grow.  In our personal journeys, there is always space to learn, to understand something and to grow from it.  Witness the plant that has a small footprint in the soil, yet, springs up and out to grow, finding any which way to bear fruit. 

Sometimes we can get stuck in adulthood, in the familiar, in who we have become.  We can become preoccupied with work, child-rearing, family care, and not be open to growing and learning.  Everyone always talks about time and the lack of it.  “If I had time, I would . . .”  Opening to growing has nothing to do with having time.  It has to do with being aware, thinking about something deeply that is part of your life, understanding it, letting go of it perhaps or enhancing it to make it fuller. 

Any one experience gives us the possibility of growth in some way, whether the experience is a negative or a positive one.  Sometimes I find it hard to figure out the lesson or what it is to learn or how I can grow, but the answers do come.  The answers come as long as I have the intention to figure it out.  To think and feel deeper than on the surface.  By doing so we become fuller and stronger.  Truly imagine a life of continuously growing and evolving and it will be yours.

May you be happy.  May you be free.  May you be grateful.  May you let go of things that do not serve you.  May you have inner peace. 

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